How I Made My Online Store FREE In 2021 (DONT USE SHOPIFY!)

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Hi there! If you are considering Shopify & Wix’s “free trials” THEN WATCH THIS FIRST.

Today I will showing a tutorial of how to set up a FREE boutique / online store without committing to a “free trial”. This free store can be used for hand made items, drop shopping and MORE! In this tutorial I will also show how to make your website look nice and presentable with the best free themes BigCartel gives you! This video is perfect if you are considering building an online business in 2021.

With BigCartel you can create a FREE website that you can use for free for as long as you’d like without committing to any paid plans! This IS NOT SPONSORED! I have been using this host for over 5+ years!

My Online Shop:



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jennivera enim glover says:

This has been helpful, thanks.

My question is does it mean I can only promote it on TikTok?

Adunola Odejobi says:

hello, how can one change the currency from dollar

It's Keshini says:

I am thinking about having a online store in the future and wanted to know a bit. This video is explained well and thank you for sharing♥️
Also, i have a question..i hope you see my comment..if i create an account now but don't use it now just to book my name in the link cause am planning to do use it in the future💯 can i create the account for now?
Thanking you in advance♥️
Greetings from Mauritius🇲🇺🇲🇺

CozyyDreams says:

Thank you so much! I am 12 and my friend and I want to help our families and get money for college and we thought that making a cute online shop would help us! 😀 (When the store is finished, may I link it here?)

Ivanna Dominguez says:

Thank you for sharing this information 🙏 do you know by any chance if we can create a website on big cartel through our phones? Or only through a laptop?

Dodda says:

Can i sell digital products on it?

Halima Yusuf says:

hello dear I do have a question can I open an online store and start selling one item? is it possible to start with that or I have to put alot of items to sale?like if I have a niche but only one product as a start is that possible pleas reply thank u

Durrdana Rajput says:

is this available for bussiness in canada?

N3ssa212Linda says:

Hello Beautiful thank you for the wonderful video. I created my website but I will like to dropship . How do I connect aliexpress with big cartel. I am confused on how this works. I messaged a few suppliers on aliexpress privately to cut the middle man off. But till then I need a drop shipper like aliexpress . Can you explain how this works? Do I have to create a aliexpress drop shipping store on aliexpress and then link to big cartel? how does this work? Ideally when someone makes an order it will be connected to the aliexpress product. I hope I made sense. Please please advise. Thank you!

heather renshaw says:

Thank you so much! You just gave me some hope lol🙂

Tea Mochi says:

Hello . This is so helpful. I want to ask if this is also applicable for Print on Demand business? Thanks a lot

Melanie says:

Hello, please I urgently need your help, anyone willing to help please help me, I managed to create a website but I’m having issues with what kind of PayPal account, my brand is not registered so I don’t have a business license, how do I still connect my PayPal account?

Melanie says:

For payment options? Do you use your personal PayPal account? Or you had a business PayPal account?

MS. Chelly Babey says:

From whom do you purchase your shipping supplies/ packaging from? Thanks

SimplyyAbbie says:

Hello thank you for the help! Does this website do dropshipping or do you have to have the items?

Jerdo2 forsythe says:

Thank you for not drop shipping garbage from China. You actually know what your talking about


A lot of great information explained very well. This video is exactly what I was looking for, I only had to watch 37 annoying videos first. Thanks. + your a smokeshow!

M8 공식 says:

Hi i am new to your content and i like your videos.😊

Stardust Guardian says:

Thank You for your great info.Will be signing up for sure.Have a wonderful Week.

BEAM Tvz1 says:

Can I ship my products myself?


i tried shopify but nothing worked i haven't watched this video yet but i hope it works
edit : DUDE IM CRYING RIGHT NOW thank u so much i wish i could do more than a thank u but just THANK U

Backyard Meditation says:

Can u use this store for affiliate marketing?

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