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niko michael m says:

good hustle kid — w/ love from the vaynernation

Natalie Dowd says:

Hello folks my mate has had fantastic profiting online triumphs while he has been using "mizi shocking plan" (Google it) and now I will apply it in my business. I have already had incredible results from this program. In the any events you have not already, you have to take a look at it today!.

DiniTech says:

Hey I wanted to ask how much is the developer fees

Patrick W says:

Hey Hadi, I was wondering how many hours you sleep, and wether you think it benefits the amount of time you can spend hustling. It would cool to know your view!

3R says:

you look a little baked?

Practical Psychology says:

I came from your comment on Gary's video, and you seem to add some amazing tips, subscribed :)

[RED] Joe says:

Great video, thanks!

SoulmanScofield says:

cool ! :)

Jeff Baxter Official says:

I really enjoyed your video Hadi and just subscribed to your channel, I look forward to making a connection!

s scott says:

Found you from GV channel. I wish you all the best in your journey. You WILL succeed. Oh, and update us on how much you profited from the sale of those items. Thanks!

Jona M Garcia says:

Can you make a video following up to this? Including how much you actually sold 'em for and how long did it take for it to get sold. Here from Twitter when Gary quoted your tweet.

tiffiana says:

inspiring! here from Gary Vee

theone22 says:

Keep this work up! I manna see more

Andrew Mucci says:

Here from GaryVee's channel. Cool to see it get executed. I hear Gary talk about garage sales a lot. Do you make decent money every weekend doing it? Great start to your channel.

Julien Fontaine says:

Different content but still interesting content, i'm looking to do this but with cars. I'm gonna try and start soon. Have a good day

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