How Long Until You Start Making Money On The Internet?

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“How long does it take to start making money on the internet with affiliate marketing?” I get this question all the time, so I figured I’d make a video answering this age old question once and for all.

Alright so while it’s not legal for my to give you a promise of how long it takes until you earn money with affiliate marketing, what I can do is tell you exactly how long it took me.

When I started affiliate marketing I was going into it working about 4 hours a day for the first 4 months. After 4 months, I hit the coveted beginner mark of $3000/m online. Then after that, I reached the $10,000 a month mark after about 9-10 months of consistent work.

My general rule of thumb when starting a new business is to reach the $50k per year mark with a consistent 4 hours a day 6 days a week.

Now look… results are going to vary.

If you have zero technical skills, making money online will have an extra learning curve for you to handle. Luckily though, with modern day tools and pre-made systems, you can circumvent about 90% of the learning curve I had to go through when I first starting making money on the internet over a decade ago.

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Julianne Armstrong says:

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FinalKill Dangel says:

By the way, is a bad idea to promote my products without focusing on certain keywords? I just paste at the title the name of the product. Is this bad? Without searching for the most used words, and etc.

FinalKill Dangel says:

you inspired me. since 8 february, this month, I have vigurously worked for my website. today is the officially open day. not native speaker. I have currently 10 products promoted, I wait. I plan to go up to 1000 products, to focus more on design and such details, Amazon policies, you know, you convinced me to get into this stuff, as an affiliate marketer, I seriously worked hard for this shit, I have received a comment 8 days ago, someone from Europe. I plan to learn more about keywords, how to get traffic, to open a Facebook and Twitter, Reddit Page, and a YouTube account also, but I hope I don't waste my time. For the first time I have really put a lot of serios work into an online bussiness. In fact, this is my 1st online bussiness, and from 8 February from today I learned and apllied and gained a lot of experience in constructing webpages, theoretically, this is my first day of sales. I plan to buy your program, I have to work at a job to afford it and also other stuff for this. Hope will worth. By the way, until now for a very good looking and modern website I have invested $26. Really few. But as time, I have spent over 14+ days until now, only to put %90 of the basic things done.

Ульяна Громова says:

Hello, checking for money making techniques on the net. There's a shortcut to find all the online working methods. Check out google and just type: "The Make Money Online Pro".

Mt Davis says:

Dan, it's unbelievable how people come in this marketplace and expect "INSTANT GRATIFICATION"!!!! I've been doing this since 2000 and am still Learning!!!! You never really stop learning I guess? I love the way you just put things like they are…. I've listen to a lot of so-called "gurus" teaching but never explained things the way you do! You break it down in a way that it's not impossible to work! But you do have to work.
I just can't believe that people expect to start making money instantly at the push of a button. If they started a brick and mortar how soon would they be expecting an ROI? This is a real business and is simple as it may sound to some it takes a hell of a lot of real work initially, right?

Eric Garcellano says:

I'm from the Philippines. Will Ibe able to become an affiliate of Amazon or Clickbank? I'm considering your system

Billy Bristow says:

dude i been dabbleing in this for awhile off and on but i never seen even 1 sale in 1 or 2 years but i want to buy your system and give it a go do u know if i can put in my bank info to your system so the payments can go in to my bank or paypal btw can you give me some tips as a begainer to thanks dan luv ya bro


4 hours a day for 4 months?! You're definitely NOT A Deadbeat lazy affiliate.
I don't have time to work that much, but have already gotten most of my site done.
So, you're telling me I have to work really hard? UGH! Had no idea after purchasing your deadbeat affiliate system

saliendo del hoyo economico says:

Good things takes time! Thank you Dan!

César Leonardo Patiño Burgos says:

I guess Dan is not such a deadbeat after all… or maybe he wakes up just to record. ;(
Great stuff man.

Blabarsmuff says:

Thanks for all the great video you put out 😀

kartika Aranda says:

wow 30 days??? that is very quick!! I had a business before and it took me 6 months to see the results!!

Kendall Gosage says:

Love your tutorials. One of the few that make it fun and interesting. Also purchased your course. GOOD STUFF!

Kendall Gosage says:

How do you feel about monetizing your videos on youtube as well? Or does that turn customers away when using the video to direct traffic to affiliate links?

surujdaye ramoutar says:

Hi Dan, I have been following your videos closely and have been following what you are telling us. I did some reviews on products – two are on page one on google on the upper part of the page, Have been getting emails from people verifying the products. Hoping they will purchase.. Thanks

Andy Sok says:

Do you believe that affiliate marketing is scalable to millions with Amazon?

Ly C. says:

2 days!? I bulit my site for 15 days and that was only with minimum pages like home, about me, privacy policy and no posts, with 2 kids and whole house to run that is even fast. And to write a post I usually need 2-4 days. Bare in minde that the english is not my first language. With my firts post I did get to Google first page but that does not mean I make money, also I have two other posts on first page. For now I have 6 posts and each post varies from 1450 word to the longest for now 4744 words. And all have affiliate links. My site is 3 months old. I really don't understand people who think that this kind of thing goes over night. Just to be craweld from googlebot needs time from 1 day to two weeks and more. And where is finde the right Keyword tool, SEO, find the thing that is going to bring you on first page, set up the site right, social media etc.. It takes times people. Use to that! Nothing goes over night ( maybe STDs and unwanted pregnancies yes) but especially not online making money.

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