How To Earn Money Online $5-20 A Day – Paypal 2017 (With proof $130+)

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STILL WORKING – September 17, 2017

Only works on Smartphones, Tablets, iPhone and iPad (Android and iOS)

Hello guys today I will show you how I earned my $130+ in this site called Grand Galaxy, this is the easiest way to earn money online in 2017. The minimum points to earn and get reward is 150 points which is equivalent to $1, each offer rewards ranging from 20-350 points. This is all the tips I can give you guys and if you have any problems don’t hesitate to comment down below and I will try to help you with. 🙂

—————————————-PLEASE READ FIRST BELOW———————————–

Ways To Earn on Grand Galaxy

* Offers:
Enter your real information when completing an offer. The points will be invalid when you use fake information. You will receive the points after submitting the offer.

* App Installs:
Install an App to Gain Points.

* PIN Submit:
Enter Your Phone Number and Receive the code, then submit the code and earn points.

Link: (Only works on Smartphones, Tablets, iPhone and iPad) Android and iOS

After completing the offer just refresh your browser to update your points.

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HighWavy says:

So like this is a great website but I can't get certain apps to download on the website so it's hard to always earn points. Any tips because I want to get to 1000 points and I have 829 so far. I just want to be able to download every app but it won't work

Gary Singurova says:


Robert Job says:

Beautiful work!

Martin Ho says:

Thank you for posting this stuff. Really made my day. Thanks to you.

goltanprav says:

It works for me!

Denis Dogie says:

Thanks for your tips!

Vince Garces says:

Thank you so much! I have earned $50 today! I really can't believe it! Please check your inbox I have sent you a proper "Thank You" message 🙂

mystery facts says:

sir I am ur biggest fan and I have inspired by U and made my channel but I have shortage of subscriber's so I request U if U can do promotion of my channel in ur next video I will be ur thankful 😄 please reply me as per ur wish

Ajay Ugalmugale says:

what is the song name

Qua dinero Beatz says:

I thought this was going to be bullshit but I actually made $50 in under an hour lol There's got to be a downside to this but the offers not going through on my computer.

Robert Desousa says:

very good video. its very helpfull.

Илия Стоев Димитров says:

liked, comment and subscribed! you are awesome for making this video!

Christian Heidi says:

i've sent you a message pls check it 🙂

Margarita Hines says:

subscribed! thanks!

Nettie Holmes says:

if I can just express myself to thank you!

Gabriela Sadie says:

thanks alot! xoxo

Камелия Тодорова says:

I can buy my own groceries starting now

Haven Jenny says:

hello sir, thanks for saving my life haha i've overreacted but i'm truly thankful!

Yuliana Odom says:

this really can help me buy books to read!

Стоян Милков says:

I told my mom about this website, she says if I can buy her new stuff with my money LOL

Дидо Ташев says:

I borrowed my friends phones but they didn't know I was earning while using it XD

Ивайла Милева says:

great soul, thank you for sharing!

Isis Holland says:

I can now buy gaming equipment to start my gaming channel 😀 thanks!

Haylie Marissa says:

18. took me less than 2 days to earn $50 in this website hah take that you peasants

Verna Foster says:

I used all my device to earn lots of money xD

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