How To Make EASY Money as a kiD or Teen [5 BEST METHODS]

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How To Make EASY Money as a kiD or Teen
Here are a few good ways to make money as a kid or a teen! There is also a go pro hero 4 (SILVER EDITION) GIVEAWAY! Make sure you watch the entire vid from start to finish to enter!
Instagram: @Kenyonken___ (3 underscores)
My old candy video:
Ninja Star Tutorial:
Earphones: ,,
Ducktape Wallet tutorial:


NGK Vinni says:

This is very underrated he definitely deserves more subscribers. Btw keep up the good work

Barney Films says:

I’m probably gonna try doing this at school (selling candy and stuff, and also school is coming soon cause it’s August for me)


im just gonna sell beans

delta revenge says:

I sell candys at least school

Slasher says:

I’m selling ear buds and now I’m making 200$ a month

John Comix says:

Someone plez teach me ez way to earn money at school!!

Eg Blank says:

Mannn, youre amazing!!!!

Total Craziness says:

thanks I will try it out

Gabriela says:

I think I'll try sewing cases, purses and pillows.. THANK YOU

DomBlitz says:

Who else notices the mess up in the title. (But still I subbed!😊)

Princess Brianda Escamilla says:

My mom is Mexican she says she doesn’t need to give me money to do something

Ayden Crigler says:

HOW DO YOU MAKE THE BRACELET! it looks so cool. Plz make a tutorial

prefer not to say says:

I’m from England and we use £ I went to a shop and there were gigantic marshmallow wafers 14 in a pack for £1 and I bought them and sold them each for 50 p so from £1 I made £7

Connor Burns says:

I can’t sell stuff at school

KitsWorld says:

I moved the laundry from one machine to another at my dads house and earned 4$ in like 4 minutes. Super lazy way to earn money.

But he hasn’t paid me yet.

jester says:

Problem: The kids at my school are scammers, I'm scared they will charge $2 instead of $1 and pocket 1.75

Yee Ultimate says:

I just make origami

Julissa Sanchez says:

Ima start selling gum. Ppl are always asking for some💀💀

Melanie Perez says:

I sold slime for a year and got 2k

Piper Waipouri says:

Please do a tutorial on the duct tape bracelets

Archininja says:

i usually sell Really nice drawings that i copied of youtube i just search (example ''how to draw superman'' example) and one drawing is 1 or 2 bucks and i usually make 20$ to 30$ a week from my whole school and im still doing it in the 6th grade ;D

Savage #21 Duncan says:

My moms African she definitely would pay to do chores

Azael Calderon says:

Am getting 400$ a week and I am 10 years old

Grant TubeHD says:

I get 5 bucks a week

Marco Hernandez says:

“Look at me now”haha pfffff 😂 🤣 😆 haha that awesome!

Midnight Rider53 says:

You can sell drawings and custom bookmarks etc

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