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How to sign up for AppNana:

1.Go to on your iOS device and Search “AppNana” on Google Play Store to get AppNana on Android phone.

2.Sign up!

3. Download Apps to get Nanas, which are used to get free gift cards

4. Use the code c18099080 to get 2500 free Nanas!

5. Redeem your free gift card!


Thanks for watching !

Instagram : @d.e.jah


ItzCatherineee says:

GUYS use my code d23625156 on Appnana to receive 50,000 nana points 🙈🙂 thank me later!!! 💕

Ä Ñ G Ë ŃG says:

c18099080 code

Angelina Murphy's Channel says:

I need 5 people to input my code a22857352.
I'll subscribe to your channel if you use it . Like when your done ✅‼️

ATLAS Shortridge says:

ain't nobody got storage for that!😂😂👋

Ali lee says:

my code is a22546365

Dremont Smithers says:

my invation code is d22468198

Haley J says:

You should make a videos about how much money you make from YouTube💕

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says:

my invitation code is f22573521 add up

Dorothy James says:

do you really get the gift card in the mail are no

Michelle Anoka says:

Use my appnana code: M22575447

Princess Laya says:

it's been a long time since I got subs can I get at least 50? subscribing back to all

Amara Dampeer says:

type in my code…l22596066

Sidity Nat says:

ya girl is most definitely downloading it. 😂‼️👏🏾

Sidity Nat says:

other apps you could use for free gift cards are shopkicks and opinion outpost. ya'l welcome. i got ya'll. ✊🏾

king kennedi says:

k22563909 use my code

Love66. Jessica says:

love the hair😍💗

Kambam Thank you Ma'am says:

I already use opinion out take surveys

Tini Octopus says:

I just realized that she doesn't even say :
"back with another video"
she actually says:
"bahk with another video"

Lamara Rhaine says:

how do they give you the gift card?

Ziki! says:

my code is Z22554796

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