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MarioMario says:

You inspire me bro

XxTakeda KakashixX says:

do I have to have a debit card mate cause if yea then I'm gonna have to wait3 yrs till I turn 18

Jessica Collazo says:

are you partnered with feature points because i know you can partner with them and then you get more points.

_YVNG. RETRO_ says:

u foreal yo??!!!!??


not world wide – mainly for US/UK people

France Williams says:

Great video.

gemini16th says:

I Love This Guy…

dave69edurmom says:

i dont have to be a stripper!! <3

KingdomChicc says:

was there a start fee

dandre cort says:

What your code so I could use it

stephanie marcial says:

These videos have helped my brother along with myself since we both lost our jobs God bless and keep doing well

Leecedric Leak says:

Nice bro… good looking

Money Maker says:


시아리스 dream says:

on some of the apps I downloaded and I messed up so I can't get money from them and if you know how to fix it can you please tell me?

John Crozer says:


Mohamed Ahmed says:

man. i like your channel and videos and everything about it but the thing is that this vindale thing is working only in america not in europe

Leonardo Thompson says:

I like your Jordan 9 statue

kur last says:

show us how do u get those points

Leonardo Thompson says:

Entertaining tv I have news for you todaayyy ayyyye

ivan lopez says:

good work bro im a teen so this is really cool

Xander Munoz says:

first share

Lakhiah Davison says:

Can you help me get alot of people to use my code 75H4TQ

KhaoticAztec says:

entertaining I watched lot of videos and theyb inspire me for that you can make money at homeb and online without no troubles like you.You have a good like and I hope you can still be like that and still make videos thank you.

Jorge Silva says:

i love your vids but feature points never works or never tells me that i got my points

Galactic Hero says:

that intro glitch lol

YOGOPRO 1 says:

First like

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