How to Make EASY Money for LAZY People!

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Svenclaat says:

selling clothes, phone cases, baysitting or petsitting. this is what I would do, if I'm a white privileged girl with to much stuff in my room and daddy and mommy keep buying stuff that I don't need.
I had to wear the clothes from my cousin, so I dunno which clothes she is talking about.
must be some fancy shit that you can actually sell it. Cuz most of the time you don't get shit for clothes.
seriously, this is not a way for lazy people to make money. it's a way for lazy people with too much stuff to get rid of shit. She just thought about this "hmmm, what do I have in my room that I dont need….hmmmm…. clothes….smartphones….the phone cases….yeah…" Rich people and especially their kids are the cheapest and greediest motherfuckers ever.
I mean, just look at her channel. It's typical white girly highschool homecoming-queen shit.

Diamond Queen says:


LOVE MEE says:

she looks like a fucking white alien

Layla Ramirez says:

is she like 5?…

Mackenzie Swanson says:

no they didn't


If the Bridgette mendler and the old Lindsey Lohan Had a baby then you would be the baby

Taylor Parrish says:

when she said popin cookin kit was asian I almost cried

Hollie Archibald says:

sell them on ebay

Tacogirl75 says:

Emma, garage sales are INCREDIBLY hard to set up. First of all, you have to get a license or else it is illegal. Second of all, most of the old stuff you have won't end up getting sold.

slayervictor says:

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Compute Media says:

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Sling44 says:

Ur beautiful can I have ur #,snapchat,Facebook, Instagram, and PayPal account?

Kali McCauley says:

Man I lazy cause I was doing inbox dollars earlier today and i didn't feel like doing thats

Satiyoni Barefield says:

how old are you ??

Mari Jackson 123 Play All says:

just what I need without doing chores

Faith B says:

Emma , AppMan does not work! Why did you tell me it does when it does not… Please don't give me any more false information!

Lavenderrose73 says:

Hi, I like the app man idea. I think I better get a bigger memory chip, though, if I hope to have space for the ones I try.

Zé Das Couves says:

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whale melone says:

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ja'lliyah jefferson says:

this video was very helpful to me and friends

516Skylar - Dead mow cinco says:

Sold my cat on Craigslist ??? thanks

DevPlays says:


Sonia Mathis says:

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Nugget Master says:

One half of this video was about selling the things that you don't have, and the other half requires standing up.


Andrew Hutson says:

Shoot my mom and me shared a iPad and she uses it sometimes!

Danielle Rodgers says:

How do you download App man on a computer?

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