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hardly anyone inspire me, but Jesus. You Are An Empowering Sister!! I Love You

Kesha Kare says:

Sister Let me Tell You! You are Definitely A hustler! !

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Branden Schuler says:

A video with some actual good advice. Thank you beautiful!!

TallFeet says:

Student loans don't care about your credit scores

Kereshca Martin says:

Thank you

Dee T. says:

You are full of positive energy and I liked and subscribed. Thanks for so much Info., sometimes it takes a person like you to wake a person up like me. Thanks again.

Stella Wilson says:

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7 chakras says:

glad to find you again. can you do a video about investment on stocks and bonds? thanks💋

Arielle Moore says:

Can you do a video on how you fixed your credit, or tips–in more detail–for someone working to fix their credit??

Stephanie Mitchell says:

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LavenderCurlsXOXO says:

awesome great video

chicadomous says:

please do a more in depth video about steps to take to fix your credit

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