How to make money as a kid easy Money!

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How to make money easy // 7 year old kid shows you how he makes money. The SportTastic kid is awesome, makes it look easy to earn money. in this video you will learn how to make easy money as a kid. Follow this kid as he makes easy cash. Kid fun and making money, Kids rock.


Graham Finlay says:

his dads a legend for scwishing all of he plastic bottles on his own

K Money says:

Getting paid

Miles Smith says:

I would not be payed for that were Iā€™m from

mr IGNIUX says:

Cool bro! Thanks alot

Anisa'sBack Haters says:

How much did he get when he got the money?

TracksbyElijah says:

So cute! And so innocent! Impossible to hate!! Keep going buddy, you are saving the world a lot

Kevin Warren says:

It's good because he's making money, recycling, and working his leg muscles by crushing the bottles.

Juliana Davila says:

You earn a sub! Iā€™m 100% gonna do try it!

Joel Veraque says:

My friend wants a money but how you go to recycle place????

XxraggamerxX 45 says:

I turned on airplane mode on my phone and I across my room and it didn't fly like a airplane and it cracked šŸ˜£šŸ˜­šŸ˜­


i am subscribing to everyone who subscribe to me and like this and say Done

Nick Flowers says:

You should crush the bottle then but on the caps more weight more money

Ameliacorinthian Nockettaraymond says:

your the best bro

kami sandifer says:

omg he is so cute he did such a good job too lol


Who pays you

Bob Feddery says:

You smashed those bottles like a boss if you know what I mean

DeCodePLayz says:

Damn $12 for all that hard work due to you should probably get like 200 dang

Armando Vinas says:

your dad sounds awesome shoutout to this kid's dad

TheGamingBomb ! says:

only $20 for like a million bottles??

J tee vee says:

Come see how much money I got

Unknown gaming says:

U so confident that's really good

The k channel says:

1:06 "Once they up all your mama's wrap it, take off the cap this massive"

Omario Boatwright says:

Go subscribe to me @Omario Boatwright


This kid will be a multi-billionaire …

Bradyschannel 117 says:

You got money do this over and over you will be rich

Khison Isom says:

Get to describe two khoson isom
I played football for the Eagles 8U

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