How To Make Money As A Teenager For Online Startup Cash ($1000 A Week)

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So you want to know how you can make money as a teenage? I’m going to show you what i did to make over $1000 a week from the age of 18-19. It was hard to make money when I was a teen since we really didn’t have many options not to mention I had no idea how to do anything online at that point.

Most people will tell you to go mow lawns if you want to earn a living at a young age yea no thanks. If you want to start an online business once you leave high school then you will need some money. I have been creating an online income since I was young and to do that I needed some startup money.

What I did when I was a teen was sell sneakers and mobile phones online and to friends at parties. Really just need to get your hustle on. You can easily make over $1000 a week from this all you would have to do is sell over 10 pairs of shoes a week at $100 each.

Learning to earn a side income as a teenager doesn’t have to be hard, all you need to do is put your mind to something and start earning some extra cash. Being a teenager is hard but this is where you chose a path for your life. You are lucky because you can chose what you like without much risk at this age. Now it’s time for you to start making moves while you are in high school so you can get ahead in life. I know you want to become rich!

To become wealthy and have niche cars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris you need to work hard. Now is a great time to start and get chasing those big dreams.

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That’s what you need to know if you want to learn how to make money as a teenager.


ucheucheuche says:

If I started flipping tables from IKEA, good idea?

Karen K . Stanford says:

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Eleanor A. Tyler says:

Earn Money Online fast & Easily. Just Search google; "Justnox mega mind profit system"

Janakrindan Lachman says:

I'm just starting with this and from what I'm seeing the future is very bright >>> . A great system for all online entrepreneurs.

Profulla Walia says:

Even a dummy will not pass through this system without turning to a pro in no distant time >>> . Thank you so much for such excellent teachings on this program. I am very much impressed.

Cary Huff says:

Great video with tons of value Franklin. I don't understand the 7 thumbs down votes though. I guess you can't please everyone.
Anyway; this video is also great for people over 60 like myself. There are a lot of pensioners doing it tough, and an extra income would be great for them.
Again, thanks for the video.

Barcelona4Lyf says:

Can you drop ship with DrJays?

Ankit Goswami says:

Literally Subscribing For The First Time In Last One Year And That Is This Guy.
Great Quality Content..Keep Up The Great Work..
A Humble Request :
Please Make A Video On List Of Websites To Find Cheaper Product For As Shopify..Any Help Is Welcome.
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Dima Kavetskyy says:

glad to see more teens in ecommerce. Im currently 16 and made about 15k in my first month with dropshipping.
This is my skype if anyone wants to chat: dima_goren123

Jazzy J says:

Right, so drop shipping basically is what this is, in one form or another. Or buying things at a low price and selling them for profit.

Ethan Huston says:

Didn't u find shipping was VERY expensive

Elio Cravid says:

Just turned 17, I've got my shopify store setup, making some money with influencers on insta, and it all started with your course Frank so thank you!

Joshua Kassim says:

The websites seem to be too old the products you sold don's have big profit margins

Seki Uce says:

I dont think this is as sustainable as it was before you were doing it Frank…

Isenfors says:

I usually tell youngsters to work on gaining quality followers while they're in school. You can use that following to earn a living after school.

vermvfx says:

Thanks for the ideas, the only thing that sucks is that I live in Brazil and customs fucks me hard πŸ™

Boxing VideoZ says:

Hey, Frank. I have steam acc with dirt 3, how much bucks can i get if i sell it? And where? Please, help me.

Samuel Larsen says:

Great content, great video! It's not really easy to start and maintain a business or making money at the age of 18-19, it is really tough but this video made me think that making money at a young age is easy especially if you have enough knowledge and the determination to do it. Thanks for sharing, this is great! πŸ™‚

David Horvath says:

Great video man! I'm one of the guys that made his own business and yes it gets harder as you get older because of all things you said. But the biggest advice I could give young me. Is just do it and see what happens. I found that specializing in one thing and doing it well gave me financial freedom. For me the key was certification and experience. Now I run a successful business as a Google Certified Ad Agency. I employ people and do very well for myself. I also would tell young me to write down a business plan and a action plan to get it done. You're biggest enemy while in your teens and twenties is laziness. The money is out there you just have to go get it!

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