How to make money fast! 20 ideas for quick cash!

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How to make some extra cash / money legally…here I show you 20 legal and easy ways to earn some extra money / cash. These ideas I will be using for The $1,000 Project, to help build up the SugarMamma Investment Portfolio and long term passive income stream. Please make sure that you subscribe!

1. Babysitting
2. Walk Dogs for cash
3. Become an uber driver
4. Sell your services on Airtasker
5. Market Research
6. Sell your skills and services
7. Sell goods at local markets
8. Work extra hours or work during higher/overtime rates
9. Gardening / Mowing Lawns
10. Sell your stuff online
11. Start a blog
12. Air B’N’B
13. Location Agent
14. Weekend casual job
15. Start a small business check out
16. Do data entry/ proofread / form filing
17. Test websites and apps
18. Delivery Rider (Dilivero)
19. Write & Publish an eBook
20. Affiliate Marketing

Oh and here is the link to The Today Show on Channel 9! xCC


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Gadget Guruji (Aman Hasan) says:

hey, I liked your ideas , may I use your video in my video if you don't mind? 😊

Alexander Conserva says:

Hi, I would really like to see you on the today show, but the link doesn't work outside Australia. Is it possible to put it on your youtube channel?

Md Abdul says:

Your pretty ;)

ED Salas says:

Wow! Will you marry me? ;-)

magdalena kuf says:

fantastic as always :)

Adrian Frank says:

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E9 Xclusive Ace says:

Washing Car, Walking Dog, Cleaning houses it amazing

E9 Xclusive Ace says:

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David Fajardo says:

Another idea: clinical studies. Not for everyone but it pays really well and it's tax free. I've done it a couple of times and it's totally safe. Sometimes they even pay you just for showing up without even participate in the study.

My Life says:

Nice information

maelgwni says:

Awesome ideas, thank you! About your friend's handbag business, does she make her own bags? Sounds amazing.


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bravia says:

Yay!! Loved it!! I'm going to baby sit and dog walk!

Retro-Roost says:

Great ideas!! Your subscriber base is growing quickly. 😊

shambaby1 says:

Has anyone tried clickworker. I registered and its not working…

Thomas Owen says:

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niknah says:

Good job. You're pretty confident there, like you were one of the hosts of the show.

Daniel Cresswell says:

Thanks for another great video! Definitely looking to do some of these myself. Quick question, you wouldn't happen to know of any reputable Market Research companies in NZ? Thanks again!

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