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Brianna Tesfaye says:

me coming back to this video for the 99th time bc i had no success

dalton halferty says:

So to get a sugar daddy you basically jus have to stumble upon one

Double As says:

Tempted to try this 😅 BRB
Small youtubers lets help eachother out 🖤

fatest slave says:

Hi, i would like to take a group of girls on an unlimited online shopping spree on amazon. You can add anything/everything you want to your amazon wishlist for me to purchase. i'm looking for extreme financial domination. Interested?

grapesrberries says:

I definitely could do this… the Twitter search is too saturated. Can’t find any in there 😭 there’s got to be a website for this.

audacity diaz says:

Being demanding only goes so far. Most of these accounts deal with girls demanding money on a daily basis and majority of accounts are looking to scam ya. Longevity comes when you establish a better relationship with these pay pigs. A lot of new aspiring dommes fail because they themselves are taking very basic advice like this and not going further into learning the psychology + honing their skills and strategies to find paying clients. Pay pigs are just that, clients at the end of the day. FinDom is sex work.

Matt Love says:

Can I send someone money?

seokjin.bts.92 says:

It’s so hard to find real ones 🥺

Octoberry 20 says:

I need money for college, cause that out of state tuition is expensive… someone hit me up please

Jomaira Razuman says:

Hello how to find a sugar daddy so it can help me financially.

Jomaira Razuman says:

Hello how to find a sugar daddy so it can help me financilly.

ana cerrano says:

What's the name of the apps??

Cind Chua says:

How to find a sugar daddy lol

maya c says:

I need a paypig😩😌

Ayy Space says:

What’s the best app/thing to use to get paid because giving them your actual bank account sounds like a scam to me

BeautyPell says:

I need a PAYPIG! HELP Hehe 😁

Koriexoxo says:

What do you use to get the money sent without giving out any real personal information?

serendipity says:

there are so many splenda daddies on instagram lmao i be trying to sell my feet and they be like, “i give you $800 weekly no nudes, just love and care.” when i click on their profile they be having 1-20 followers and a private account tf?? lol

Nathan Villareal says:

i like this omg help me

ladykickboxer23 says:

I went on findom, practically nobody was on there. Finding people through the hashtags on instagram led to all scams.

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