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Who couldn’t use some extra cash? With the economy in turmoil and all of us ordered to #StayHome, here are some ways to make money RIGHT NOW – even with the current pandemic going on!
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Lisa Gerald says:

I sell on posh mark and several local app around my home area and it really works !!! You are a hero jordon full of so much energy will you sell me what makes your energy boost lolol!! You go girl !! Gonna go over to your blogs to learn more !!! I love you and your family I love following your journey also you are a inspiration!!! Thanks for sharing your ways of making money it was really nice if you giving it too us free and not trying to make money from us you will definitely get more followers I am sharing you with many right now good luck , you better slow down my friend it’s gonna catch up with you one day !!! But I really do love your burst of energy vibe !!! Thanks god bless!!!

Eenzame Vriend says:

Lol you do not make that much money sound ride share I’ve done it. It’s better than nothing but you’re working constantly just to get absolute essentials only.

Lexi Rae says:

I work for Instacart and I absolutely love it!

Lexi Rae says:

I love that lamp!

Bunny Davenport says:

Teaching from home SUCKS it, lady. You don't know crap about being a real teacher so shut it. I can't even. I'm out.

Eve Burch says:

This is off-topic, but I am wondering, did you get a new car that fits your family of now 10? If so what did you get?

Media STD says:

Can you start work from home tomorrow?
Say yes and i will help you

Annette Bradshaw says:

VIPkid is not a good way to make money. At least not quickly and at least not right now. It’s taking over a month just to complete the application and have it reviewed. Then because they are hiring SO many more people the bookings are not what they were. Hopefully things will calm down there but it’s not a great time for people to be going down that direction.

Apostle Marissa Sharp Freeman says:

I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but I work for VIPKid. It does not pay really well, like they want you to believe! I have been with them since December, and I’ve barely had 10 students. Also, the best times to get classes are 4:00am-7:00am, USA time. If you’re not a morning person or have young kids/babies that don’t sleep well at night, that’s pretty hard. I do know people online on my Facebook groups that can get students and make a “a lot of money” (I’m sorry, teaching part-time won’t bring in a lot of money). But they can teach all night and most the morning (I’m talking 40-60 hours per week), and a lot of them don’t have kids. Also, I’ve only gotten paid $8 per 25-minute class, because I haven’t gotten enough classes. You don’t get paid $22 an hour because you get paid per 25-minute class. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been teaching for over 15 years, like I have, or longer. They don’t care about how long you’ve been teaching. They will add the extra dollar on there, if you teach so many classes and do some other incentives. A lot of teachers that were hired the same time as me are complaining about the same thing. They’re hiring a bunch of teachers, but they don’t always get students. And the ones that DO get students, it took them 4-6 months to get enough students to make it worth it! So you have to have a lot of patience and risk not making money right away. And if they have technical or IT issues, and you contact their tech person called the “fireman,” they are short-staffed and can’t help you, most times. When they do, you often get blamed for the tech problems, as what happened to me recently, and they mark it on your profile. It counts against you. A lot of the techniques they use or things you need to know, they don’t tell you ahead of time. You learn as you go or you get on a Facebook group and ask other VIPKid teachers. Yes, the few classes I actually got to teach were fun. Just be prepared to have props to use. If you don’t have kids, you more than likely will have to go out and buy some toys or other things to teach (Dollar Tree is great). If you don’t have a microphone headset, you’ll have to buy them. I have a built-in microphone on my laptop, but I didn’t know until doing my mock class to get in, that they require a headset. Also, please be aware a lot of the teachers get kids that don’t pay attention, give them issues during class, or the parents get mad and physically hurt the kids. There’s not child abuse laws in China like there are here, so there’s nothing you can really do (I’ve heard you can submit a ticket to them about it, but not sure if they do much after that). As for behavior, you just have to try to work with it most times. There’s risks and chances with any job. I get that. And there are teachers out there that actually do well at VIPKid. But people need to know there are many out there, like me, who haven’t been successful at this. And its not because we’re bad teachers or bad people. It’s because of their system. I’ve heard Qkid and some of the other ESL jobs online are better. But I would be very cautious, especially after the experience I’ve had. Again, not trying to dog anyone that suggests working for VIPKid or the teachers that have had success with them. Just please don’t go naively into it, like I did, thinking this was a going to be everything they advertise it to be. I’m sure I’ll get some criticism from the successful VIPKid teachers that are bored enough to read my long comment, LOL! But I’m sorry. People need to be aware.

KCN MOM says:

Nope, not helpful at all….

Andrea Constantino says:

My foster sister does vip kids and she has such a great heart she teaches 3rd -6th grade But it’s mostly one on one but she loves it

Sietske Fopma says:

In europe u cant do most of the things. Only the babysitting and selling my stuff….

Rose Quartz says:

My mom does VIPKid. She likes it. It's pretty cool.

Freetrepreneurs says:

To all the small youtubers, bloggers, dropshippers out there who're reading this, you'll all become big soon. To all the entrepreneurs, your business will prosper. Work Hard, Smart & Just trust the process!!! @Freetrepreneurs

How To Do Videos says:

I also make money with Jordon Page's ideas and make my own videos in my channel. It is really cool and helpful content. Thank you Jordan !!!

MySewBliss says:

So many great tips! I feel like I forget about a lot of these things so it’s nice to get a little refresher! And hearing your experiences in hiring was awesome!

Gray Roses says:

If you want to teach english but want more flexibility and autonomy over your schedule, I recommend it is way easier to use, constantly updated, includes it's own lesson plans, and let's you set your price and schedule

Momma O says:

loved this, l have worked at home for 45 years on different jobs, it is not easy but it is worth it. l was a stay at home mom and now l am a stay at home grandma and l can always find jobs at home, thanks so much for your tips, very helpful.

Elizabeth W says:

You make me laugh soooooo much Jordan, are you wearing pants🤣😂your hilarious. Hope you and your family are well, you've been a ray of sunshine in my day, as always. Stay safe🌈🌈God bless🌈🌈

Naomi Horton says:

I'm using my tax refund money to get a laptop so I can start a YouTube channel and hopefully get money that way.

Sibongile Khumalo says:

You are amazing!

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