How To Make Money In South Africa | R100 into R1000

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How To Make Money In South Africa
Instagram: @mrturner_

I am starting this channel to help you pick up a new stream of income. I believe that anyone can make profit. It starts small and with patience and practice you will see result.

I will be uploading more video on different ways on how to earn more money. I have a passion for helping people and love starting business. I cant wait to provide more videos for you.


Luthando Nqakala says:

How can I get a hold of you? Are you on WhatsApp.
I just feel like having often chats with you about my entrepreneurial journey might help me.
Your advice is simple and practical and I like it. And would like to have that now and then you see…
You mind dropping your contacts?

cebisa says:

Next time plz put the numbers on screen…. I got lost 😭

Беседка Владимир says:

Trading the financial markets without any knowledge , be ready to lose your trading accounts. Forex or any other financial market needs education. so please give your self time to learn and practice as much as you can.then you can open a real account and start making money. If you are a beginner or you already started trading but you still struggle to make money I highly recommend you start learning with IQD momentum strategy and get a copy of Lukasz Wilhelm's ebook. this work has helped thousands of traders become profitable and it would help you too, search for it online.

Bayb3Y Mong3R says:

i turn R20 into R100 per a week by selling snacks at school

Takem Aaron says:

Bravo Mr Turner.

Destiny Idex says:

Love the advice surely going to try it too tenks

GabeyTheeVoice Maluks says:

Been looking through youtube to get like different ideas as to how to make more money to buy my equipment and this is by far the best vid I've seen and it really helped a lot🙌💕 thanks, keep it up. We need people like you.

Jeff Hardy says:

You are now on the FBI watchlist

Bongani Khumalo says:

I like your simple approach. This is a great video.

I am Khanya Bodlela says:

Keep it up bro

Nwabisa Cleopatra Mlambo says:

Thank you Mr Turner for the advice

City Waldorf Unleashed says:

This has been so helpful … thank you so so much ..

BLUEBIRDza says:

you are the best man, this is called business minded people we need near

Siya Jele says:

How is it your in a fuckin dirty garage and you make $1000 a day😠

Brandon Robertson says:

Good advice. Try different angle with camera. Check background environment

Imagine Euros says:

Thank you. I'm selling fast food. Your videos help a lot. I added drinks to my menu.

Noma N says:

You sound like Trevor Noah

Kgara Mpepetla says:

Thnx bro yr so honest and patient about wat u r doing,i like the spirit,big up boy

Ben Mash says:

I love you bro.

ruth mudau says:

Another way to make money in SA Global Dream Network you turn r350 into r32000

Thando Da_Spy says:

💖 He is wearing zart the ceo of that brand used to be my class mate, I'm from Durban I flip laptops to make money I would love to meet you ❤️

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