How to Make Money $ on the Internet: A Guide to Becoming a Digital Nomad

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This is a brief guide on how to make money and build a career on the internet. It’s impossible to cover everything but hopefully this might inspire some ideas.



Here are a few Skillshare courses that I personally enjoyed and that are related to the topics that I covered in this piece:

Productivity Masterclass – I really enjoyed this course and found it super actionable.I was immediately making changes to my systems and how I approach the tasks that I want to complete →

How to Start a Business Online – this was a really well-made breakdown on how to approach and understand the world of e-commerce →

How to Share Ideas that Inspire Action – This one is made by Simon Sinek who is an amazing speaker and author, and I found a lot of value in learning about his approach and also the tips that he had to share →

Fantastic advice/prompts for journaling for those of you trying to build up that habit →

Learning Strategies – this one focuses on learning new things which is a topic and area of focus that fascinates me →


Here are other resources if you’d like to do more research on this topic:

This is Marketing by Seth Godin →

More ideas/ways to make money online →

Here’s a solid guide to crowdfunding →


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Nathaniel Drew says:

Feel free to add more resources/suggestions down below if you feel like I missed anything. No, Swagbucks doesn't count.

Gerrard Jackson says:

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Marissa Rabago says:

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Richie Kongwang says:

Thank u Nathaniel!

Agustin Giudici says:

what happened to your arm?

Driver's Side says:

I was hoping you would make a video about this! I’m going to use what you said to help grow my YouTube channel and create a living with digital media!

K Brown says:

Honestly I thought all this online money online stuff was a scam until I found John. @t​

Jacob Gasser says:

You didn't include how much you make from sponsorships -_-

Noah M says:

What do you think about high ticket closing?

Chiara Merlo says:

very good, honest and complete video <3 it reminded me of my "old" aspiration of becoming a creative, and re-gave me a bit of hope. I always appreciate your content, thank you for sharing

Camilo Montoya says:

Tell me why I got genuinely happy seeing that you’re making more money from ads lmao

Christian says:

Great balance of valuable information and beautiful creative content. Thanks for sharing your success and struggles with us…. I'm inspired! 🙂

Yousef Gamal says:

you're one of my friend's zone online specially on YouTube – I love all of your videos 💖💖💖
I ask if you can make a Motivation Video so, I personally and others can listen to everyday morning or when we get so stuck – and thanks – keep going 👏💖

Zab Setu says:

R these skillsshare programmes free??

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