How to make money online |Earn 6000-7000 rupees online for working 10 minutes Daily|

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In this video I have described how you can earn 6000-7000 rupees monthly with a very simple website. you have to give 10 minutes daily to this website and you can earn 6000-7000 rupees., the more time you give the more you earn.

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vicky singh says:

thanks bhai it helped me a lot ☺✌✌

vicky singh says:

thanks ??

vicky singh says:

hi is there any app for this plzzzz help my desktop is not working properly ????

Fantasy - Agario says:

its Show not So .-.

Akshith Rohan says:

can we use payza a.c..

Karim Bouguessa says:

Taking surveys seems to be a popular way to make a little extra income. Why corporations are willing to pay for our opinions? Because they need to know what consumers want very quickly and because very few people will volunteer this information for free.
The average survey at will only take about 5-7 minutes to complete, though surveys can vary in length. YouGov says their longest survey will not run longer than 20 minutes to complete.
for every survey u done u got from 100 points to 500 … and every time you reach to 5000 = 50$ you take your money from western union its very easy … enjoy and earn money just subscribe here :
its all free !!

hope it was a good first subject for me . thank you

vineetha reddy says:

I am not getting a test for long time Sir.when I get test???help me…..

Nhật Hoàng says:

thank you

harsh kashyap says:

kya main ise android devise pr kr sakta hu???

Satish Thombe says:

Sunil Shetty Ka Awaj Kyu Nikal Raha Hain Bhai

cricket sixes says:

kia hum is mony ko paynor yh kisi r account m tranfr kr skty hain?

Zero Gaming says:


Džemas Kornishrex says:

does it works?

Nishant Bansal says:

it is showing no tests are waiting for response when I will get tests? and how many test I can get in one day

Tejas Narayan says:

what type of screen recorder you use

Anirban Mahato says:

Bank Acount m transfr kyse hoga pysa

Anirban Mahato says:

Pysa acount m kyse transfer hoga…

the Choudhary says:

Sir is it really true

Kartik Tech says:

can we collaberate

omkar kurude says:

Sir, adsence pe bank detail bharte samay (account holder and bank name) capital letter me dalna he ya small letter me dalna hai ?

Sitara Sammu says:

Any alternative of paypal

omkar kurude says:

adsence account pe jo address dala he us address pe letter aata hai kya sir ?

omkar kurude says:

sir kya 10 dollar hone ke badh address verify ka letter aata hai kya ?

omkar kurude says:

sir ? kisi ke video ke comments me mera video dekho aise likh ke video link dal sakte hai kya ?

omkar kurude says:

sar mobile internet speed kam hogi to kya ham use bada sakte hai kya ?

omkar kurude says:

sar agar mera video jo maine mere channal pe upload kiya hai usko mere friend ne 200 bar view kiya to kya hoga kya matlab ek video jadabar dekne se kuch hota hai kay

omkar kurude says:

me kandhar se hu … sir maine vodafone ka 647 3g recharge kiya hai usme 3 gb data aata hai baad me unlimited internet aata hai lekin 6-7 kbps speed aa rahi hai kya speed bada sakte hai sar ?

inderjeet parihar says:

sir. tis giving only 2 test in a day.

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