How To Make Money Online FAST In South Africa 2021 | How To Make Money Online In South Africa 2021

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How To Make Money Online FAST In South Africa 2021 | How To Make Money Online In South Africa 2021 | In this video im going to show you how to make money online in South Africa by watching Youtube videos. Making money online in South Africa is easy you just need to find the right ways to make money online in South Africa.

Apart from the video here is some more ways you can make money online in South Africa:

1. Freelance Writer in South Africa (Make money online in South Africa)
When I started my online journey around ten years ago, this is where I started. Today, I use freelancer writers ALL THE TIME. There was a demand for them then, and there’s an even bigger demand for freelance writers now. That said, you be the one to satisfy this influx of demand?

Freelance writing can be an exciting journey if you love to write, however, don’t even try it if you don’t enjoy writing, otherwise, you’ll just be miserable. Writing is definitely not for anyone.

I’ve seen way too many ‘writers’ coming into the game just because they need money, but the truth is they simply don’t last.

2. Become a Copywriter (make money online in South Africa)
Some people think that freelance writing and copywriting is the same thing, but don’t be fooled, it’s not. There are two key differences:

Blogging is usually focused on providing valuable information to the reader for free.
The copywriter’s main job is to SELL by influencing the reader. Usually through a sales page, email, ad copy, or social media posts, etc.
The copywriting process starts with product research and customer research. Then the copywriter will use that information to design a sales page around a core concept that has one particular purpose, which is to sell a product.

It’s worth mentioning that this process requires a lot of training, skill, and years of experience. It’s definitely not something that can be picked up overnight.

3. Offer Video Editing Services From South Africa (make money online in South Africa)
It’s 2021, so there’s a massive demand for videos from business owners. Videos are used in almost all aspects of businesses these days, so if you’re great at video editing or creating cartoon-style videos, then this might be the perfect freelance job for you.

Different video types:

Product unboxing videos – Simple videos of people unboxing products.
Product in use videos – Shows customers how to use products they purchased.
Education or sales cartoon videos – Used either to teach or to sell.
Sales video – This is generally a sales page in the form of a video.

4. Become a South African Voice-Over Artist (make money online in South Africa)
South African’s have a pretty unique accent that the rest of the world loves (for some reason.) Why not use your accent to make money? Voice over artists generally read out a script that then gets used by the client in an advert, cartoon, etc.

5. Become a South African Transcriber (make money online in South Africa)
Usually, people who create videos get transcribers to write out their words on paper, which is then used in a blog post. So the job involves patiently listening to a conversation over audio, then typing out the conversation word for word as best as possible.

6. Facebook Marketing For Local Businesses (make money online in South Africa)
The bulk of brick and mortar business owners are so ‘old school’ that they don’t even know how to use a computer, let alone how to use Facebook to market their business, which is why so many of them are going out of business. Old school marketing methods just don’t work in today’s world.

7. Manage Businesses Social Media Pages From South Africa (make money online in South Africa)
Social media managers provide value by building the client’s brand through frequent posts on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest etc.


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Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.

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