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MY CODE: 9031B5

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Struggles of being a youtuber:

Q &a A:

✨Race:African American ✨
✨height: 5’0✨

Thanks for 14k next goal 15k

Comment videos that you want me to do in the future

More videos coming soon


Courtney Renee says:

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ItssTehBoiKaii says:

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Trap Zaro¿ says:

Oh I get it now so there hasto be black screen bitch learn how to edit properly

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Sheneil Howard says:

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Araiya Daniels says:

How do u enter the code

Christian Merritt says:

Why does the live start so long from when you start

Rayshon Hicks says:

quick question .. can you use other people songs in your videos like your intro .

Shazz Vlogs says:

Your part of my motivation 🤞🏽❤️ keep it up girl❣️❤️

Exclusively E says:

I love how informative your videos courtney ❤️.!! Keep up the good work

Cjthegoat2k says:

Patty Cake Kodak🤘

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