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Chase Delp says:

here's a lesson on how to get 1000 a week sell drugs end of lesson

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Diallo Morris says:

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Wilma Meyer says:

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mustache wizard says:

All that money and you still recording vertically

M&M yum says:

At least he's making cheese for 30 mins or less what are you haters doin wit ur life,hun stop the hate

crishhh donna says:

How long it took you to get 1,000

Gifford williams says:

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Dave Dede says:

How they sent u the money?

David Benson says:

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vapes and vigilantes ! says:

What if no one gose on your website do you still get paid

jake myers says:

Haha this guy must be joking.

Sincere Staxx says:

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Deborah Cook says:

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Eden Noir says:

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Magma says:

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black stream says:


Dustin Barber says:

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wkdemers says:

I started working from home in 2000 now I can't fit out my door! D:

Ari Kalimari says:

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Giovanni Algeri says:

It's a trick! If u look closely under the stack of bills were it showed him flip up a $20 you will see $1 which indicates they are either all ones he already had or a fake stack. He is making money from it just not nearly as much as he is claiming he gets! They are pry paying him a little extra right now to advertise it by doing videos like this!

Israel Rodriguez says:

I want money please

ThePsychoticWeirdo says:

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Justin Case says:

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Justin Case says:

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Kelly Carnes says:

Absolutely disgusting

Ultimate Touch says:

how do u do it

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