How to make R200 everyday in South Africa from apps

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So I thought how about I help make extra cash so you can stop asking friends and family for cash, don’t make it a 9-5 but you can easily make gas money / buy make up / pay studio sessions ect.

I have over 20 apps on my phone I make money from.



I like him so much.This was really helpful.I just downloaded the app but obviously there ain't no jobs right now bcoz of the Covid 19 shiii buh imma try it after all dat

Derrick Pitswane says:

B.A Good to see you school mate.

Irvine D says:

I just subscribed your channel because you are so funny you make me laugh my guy kkkkk

Rorisang Mokgwetsi says:

Hey. I've been using the app but I just make R100 a day and not a thousand how does one get a thousand a day ??

Dullah Isa says:

Then were do they send the money

busisiwe Sikoza says:

i would watch your clips for days shame🀣🀣🀣🀣❀❀❀btw thanks for the advice neh

Bat Rax YT says:

Wagwan me broda


LOVED THIS VIDEO 🀧🀧🌞❀️✨🌈 I made a similar one. But definitely subscribing to this channel 🌻

Liezl Gouws says:

In this video, only Fieldagent is discussed.

bathandwa barnes says:

😭 I have no missions in my area

Mkhululi Mtshali says:

thanks for the content

Rodney Takunda Madondo says:

Check out that flex "I don't know Google app something"

Tessa Timotheus says:

So the app is only for iPhone users?

Sebolaishi Patience says:

Hey my mission score is 87% when is my balance gonna change like I dont understand please reply

Jadon Kaliyan says:

Dude not getting any missions in Durban

Mamochana Montshosi says:

You lowkey hilarious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

katlego shuping says:

Hello I come seem to come right with M4Jam

Mac Tex flex capacitor says:

It's still gonna cost me data and date is extremely expensive in SA. If they paid like 40% more then it will be worth it.

theDealMaker Gogoba says:

Sure B.A Pusha. I downloaded the Field Agent App and its promising. My challenge is, it shows me "error messages sometimes" when I want to refresh and search for jobs or go to settings. Is this normal or is it my device that is old or my network connection?. I hvnt got jobs yet

Karabo Modipane says:

Hey how do i deactivate/delete my account?

KeaThaBest says:

016 representing!

Jatin Babber says:

Hey. Please drop your ID.

Nobubelo Ndlovu says:

Everyone has been talking about this

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