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Rafael Rivera says:

definitely man help me out

Richard Smith says:

Hit me up asap bro PLASE…

Entertaining tv says: put in R5B5NB for the bonus code for free points to get started

jocelyn bahuman says:

What's the app called

maccan says:

That intro tho

Finesse kidd says:

what app is that

The Mr. L Show says:

I just joined earlier today and already have 777 points


Ill work with you

Devin F2 says:

ima add u

Cryo Raps says:

what's the app lol

anonymous gamers hacker says:

Don't let them bring you down bra that be pissing of

Naastia watson says: this really works thanks for sharing this information with me

Rasmus Taidla says:

What is the apps name?

Clouted 95 says:

That Stupid Money Dance Was Lit

The M@d Butcher says:

Earn bonus points when u signup with this F9HD8N

Diesel says:

mabe a food challenge

prince moxey says:

I want to know if this can work in the bahamas

Brady Chavez says:

dude your funny! I really liked this video! I am subbed. I am going to sc you and ask u some Q's

david heinig says:

Hey my man if i get a tablet and go on feature points do ya think i can make $20 a day?

Trill Wiz says:

How long do it take u just to get like 119k

eggman gamer says:

your name is terry

Gabriel West says:

Soo u have to have PayPal????

Elviss Presly says:

hihihii lol… ;D

david heinig says:

damn G you rollin !

Fernandez Johnson says:

Cool love it lot of money

Z_I- infected says:

Bruh I'm grinding just got 600 points in 20 minutes help me out by using my referral code 9FT2XG

Bluevirus11 2016 says:

good tips man, I liked and subscribed. Your dog wants some of that money too. lol

spaniad warrior says:

how do i join the team

Luis Martinez says:

So I'm 14 could I make that type of money at this age?

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