How to Start an Online Business in ONE WEEK

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Want to start your own online business, but feeling overwhelmed?? In today’s video, I’m sharing my super simple plan for starting an online business in just ONE WEEK. So what are you waiting for? Take your big idea, and turn it into a business!

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Hey, my name is Gillian! I’m a marketing strategist who helps online entrepreneurs 10X their sales with FB ads + sales funnels. I love combining tech, analytics, and psychology to create powerful marketing systems.
When I’m not helping my clients scale their businesses, I’m spending time with my husband and two little boys, exploring new places, and nerding out over my Youtube analytics.

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jjlockhART says:

I am a graphic designer and artist – thinking about doing graphic design freelance or becoming a social media manager/content creator or freelance illustrator!

Veronica Bullard says:

My idea is a social and search marketing and advertising business ☺

Dawntrepreneur says:

Long video, but really worth it. I'll use your tips to improve my online youtube business, thanks!

PFA says:

You are very smart and will go a long way, your name will be known. Good job!

George Chamoun says:

Gillian, hello and thanks for the great info in all the videos I watched. I wonder if you could help me with a question. I am trying to teach beginner to use WordPress to build a website. However, I can never get anybody’s attention. Am I in the wrong niche. I have a simple webpage and 17 videos on YouTube but no one contacts me, I can not figure out the problem. Whoever I ask, they say it is a good business idea. Thanks.

Deb Yea says:

Also could I just ask am older so not on social media yet as don't really understand it as such yet but when you say look for Facebook groups and join his do you that exactly and do you have to pay if have a business face book page etc or twitter pintrest etc, thank you appreciate any help

Deb Yea says:

Great video simplifying it as can feel overwhelmed and as such procrastinate, thank you, how much do PayPal take and do you have to pay even if not receiving any money initially?

Terry Gray says:

I'm not good at anything and not interested in hardly anything, either. I currently sell books through Amazon FBA as one of Jeff Bezos' low-commission field hands.

AIOP FORCE Italy says:

Hello Gillian, i am a 64 and live in Italy. I have worked in real world Sales and Marketing till nine years ago and was very happy but things as it happens went wrong real bad, so to make it short i am starting over and would like to try Internet IM. As yo can understand time is fundamental for me. I think you are a very smart and direct young woman so hoping that you can give me an opinion i will be waiting for your reply. Thank you, Claudio.

Puneet Mahajan says:

lov u my sister. u r great.

Elizabeth Johnston says:

I am a multi species behaviorist; but have never thought of taking it to an online level. That's where I'm headed~

Coralie says:

Gillian, I've just found your channel and it's exactly what I was looking for. Awesome! <3

James James says:

* please read this * if you have tried to start a business before you probably know it is not as simple as she kindly tries to explain.

the very first step to creating​ a business is to be self-aware, you need to know yourself, You need to know what is your passion, what is that thing that you would do even if you wouldn't get paid for it, once you know that, the best thing you could do is to find the most successful people in that industry you love and work for them for free, yes you read it right, for free, this gives you more chances to be hired, if you do that, you will learn alot from those people who are actually executing succesfully, believe me, you save a lot of time and money if you first learn, not from books but from people who are experienced and know what they are doing. basically, you are trading work for knowledge, experience and getting to know people in your industry

Only then you can follow all the steps listed in this video and start your business with a lot more chances to be successful.

Starting a business is hard, the most important aspects of creating a business are building something that you love, hard work, consistency, and patience.

Leandro Centuriao says:

My weakness are within day 6 and 7, the marketing plan. This has been paralyzing me for years into starting my own business. Thanks for pointing out how important it is!

Guess whos growing says:

This is great thanks x100

6FINGERS D says:

great help thank you

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