How To Start An Online eCommerce Business with $0 THIS YEAR!

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How to start an online business with zero dollars $0 this year. Not many business models not only have such low barrier to entry but also zero dollars in capital needed. In this video, I go through step by step how to set up your own online ecommerce business right now with absolutely nothing required!

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Press Random says:

Adobe Spark works just as well as Canva, and it is free as well.

Julio Diaz says:


I am Julio Diaz logistics manager of fulfillment center based in Miami, FL USA, however I would like to have a phone call or video call to talk about an Ecommerce partnership with you.

I could see a couple of your videos on your Youtube channel. 

My company is looking to help our customers promote more their Ecommerce business such as increase their online visits, increase their sales and much more that they can use your techniques.

You can count on us as your Ecommerce Fulfillment Center, we can film videos of how we do order processing, how our system work with all market places and more. 

We can improve your logistics method in your Ecommerce business and explain to your customers how a fulfillment center works, 24/7 preparing orders that comes from each market place in the world..

If you want to know more information about our partnership, just send me an email back or text me directly to my Skype: or WhatsApp : +1 305 546 5204 

Looking forward talking to you.

Stay safe.

Warms regards.

Mr T says:

When explaining stuff most people start from the middle instead of the beginning….

Dogs Are the Best says:

When you use Shopify are you selling only by doing drop shipping, or can you have Shopify store your inventory of products, then pack them and send them out when an order is placed?

Zimasa Sapho says:

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Jaydamanwitthaplan says:

It’s not saturated

ernest branding - I Build Websites in 24 Hours says:

In case any of you are looking for a Freelance Web Developer you can contact Ernest at and he will help you out.

Omars Gym says:

can we have another coding trick video?

b1ack Ink says:

Awesome knowledge and input as always!! Appreciated!!👊🏽

Apex Legends WTF says:

He said if this video help you give it a Big Thumbs up, which it didn't help me lols so basically I should leave a Big Thumbs Down 🙂
Thank you.

Bálint Takács says:

Hi! That was a really helpful video but I'm interested in how long does the delivery take. If I want to set up a dropshipping business in Hungary, the delivery of aliexpress will take 30-40 days, which is obviously long…

Tracmode says:

Great stuff Andrew, Keep it up!

Jan Loon says:

Hi Ethan Great Video! btw i tried downloading Wanelo but it says its not compatible. Do you know whats the reason?

Smart Meditation says:

Thank you very much!

Lilith Lau says:

Could you please reply to my email? You are really excellent and I would love to work with you.

Ionic says:

This video isn't for the subscribers , it's for new viewers …

Brian Pfeiffer says:

Merry Christmas 🎁🎄

RugzTV says:

Lovin it brooh

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