HOW TO START AN ONLINE STORE + how i started a business at 22

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Here is everything you need to know about starting an online store/ starting your own business. I am 22 years old and started my own business and want to tell you everything you want to know!

I talk about:
1. What inspired me to start an online store
2. How do you start?
3. How do you find the clothes for an online store?
4. How much money do you need to start an online store?
5. How do I do the marketing for my online store?
6. What is the hardest and most rewarding part about starting an online store?

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Gia Carangi says:

Thank u so much, now I know what to do:)

Magdalena Ann says:

Thank you this helped me so much

TheBrandonLeeCook says:

I'm one minute in, and I just have to say you have the most sweet and calming voice <3

Laly Styles says:

You remind me on elena vom tvd 😍

Ama-Vee💋 says:

Thanks for the tips! Question for you: when you purchase your clothing items from the wholesaler, do they already come with a product/style name (ex. the "sporty spice pullover" on your website-did you create this name or did the wholesaler)?

Allthedaysofmylife says:

Love your sweater

Tatiana V says:

So if I buy from a wholesaler I am allowed to resell the branded products without having to get in trouble with the brand right?

China Doll says:

Hello new here let's all connect 🤝 love the video 😍

Misantrophic says:

Hi I'm a digital artist and I wanna create art and print them into clothes! I'm a student and I think having a stall or physical store is stressful. I love how you motivated me!

30 second whatsapp status 2018 says:

so sweet nd cute

RJ Unique Store says:

It's really nice to learn from you. We are inspired to sell online more.

Online Marketing Strategies says:

Really helpful Natalie. Resilience wins… Lots of excellent ideas about starting your own business. Inspirational.

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Edward Brown says:

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Alesha Marie says:

You’re so awesome!! I love your social media presence and how comfortable you seem on camera. Something I’m most definitely working on .

Billie Jones says:

Too much jabbering. Get to the point. Tired of waiting.

Leda Meowce says:

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Jalah Davis says:

Do anyone know where/website to get the sellers permit in North Carolina? I wish she put it down below

Lesley Portillo says:

🖤 Register business as LLC
🖤 sale permit in your state
🖤get an EIN
🖤 for your book keeps stuff
🖤buy wholesale
🖤send things to influencers
🖤 Money wise u can start from a few hundreds or a few thousands

girl6girl6 says:

It's actually cheaper to drop ship as apposed to doing wholesale. With dropshipping you don't have to carry any inventory. Products are not ordered by you til a customer purchases it from you. Then you order it from your supplier, and your supplier ships it directly to the customer.

Helen Gonmei says:

I am breathless going through this video. Phew! You are really beautiful though.

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