How To Start Dropshipping With $0 | STEP BY STEP | NO SHOPIFY & NO ADS! (FREE COURSE)

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Today I’m going to be sharing a step by step guide of HOW to start a Dropshipping business for FREE / $0. There is WAY too much misinformation & in my opinion THIS is the best way someone can start Dropshipping in 2022 ! The best way to start drop shipping is to spend the LEAST amount of money you can in order to increase your revenue and only depend on your own marketing skills to build your online dropshipping business. How To Dropship Step By Step!

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Dropshipping Gurus love to tell you to use Shopify and pay for Facebook Ads. I DISAGREE with this. Let me share with you how you can create a Dropshipping Store FREE / $0 and what you’re going to do to create a LONG TERM business out of it! (This is for beginners AND experienced sellers!) I show you how to find your winning products on AliExpress / CJ Dropshipping !

How To Create Your Online Shop FREE:
How To Get A CHEAP Domain:
How To Market On Instagram –
How To Market On TikTok-


LouMyself&i says:

I don’t know if you’ll see this comment. But I tried your no ads with Big Cartel and I just got my first sale. It definitely works. Thank you for the helpful info! I really appreciate your valuable content 😃

lil kev says:

but is it legal, to just copy a picture of a shop? how is it working with a url code? when the big companys like dhgate putting receipt to the package, pple can see that they got this shipped form another company, not from us, how to avoid this? and do i need to inform this big companys, like dhg, aliexpress..etc. about my dropshipping buisness with them. i dont need to pay them or have an account?

AC Smith says:

Hey do you still recommend this? If so, could u update it for the changes they made on the trend discovery page? Thanks for the vids regardless. Just subscribed👍

Shaunique Shelton says:

Thank you so much for this . I have been following this other person that charges almost 5k for what you just gave us . I’m going to start this asap .

XX XX says:

Hey, do you know of a way to link with a personal PayPal account? I’m underage so I can’t use my ssn and I don’t have access to another. If not on Big Cartel, is there an alternative platform that allows for this?

Lala B3 says:

Super informative I love the step by step by process!!!! Thank you for being awesome!!!!!!!

loladollypop says:

Hey girl hey!! I started watching your vids a few weeks ago and since then have launched my shop with big cartel & got my first vid posted to TikTok!! If it wasn’t for u I don’t think I would have had the confidence or inspiration to start doing this so thank u so much!! 💖

Alex Andford says:

Ok i am folling your information step by step. But here comes the question, how to put the website for selling items (Store) in Tiktok?

ma.cristina Santos says:

From philippines here, how about if the customer want to pay on COD ( cash on delivery ) how can you do that? Can i still earn profit from it? Pls help me on this.

Rachel Arauz says:

Do you have any advice with Dropshipping on eBay? I would love to hear your honest feedback.

Juju Bree says:

Hey i'm having trouble on how to add options section such as color, size, etc. etc. can you do a video on that or walk me through it? Thank you

Erica Reeves says:

So with drop shipping the customer will know it came from a third party?

Angela Swank says:

Hi ty again for helping those of us with questions..silly question though, how can we sell another product from somewhere like this and tweak it and it’s legal? Doesn’t the products come with Ali express or whatever on it? Thx

doitallwithdai says:

does stripe charge you to use as a payment option?

Mik Music says:

Hi baddie, thank you for all these videos!
Can i ask for dropshopping could i do dropship to other countries too or only base on my country?

doitallwithdai says:

best video i’ve watched…THANKS GIRL

Bunguin says:

What happens if you get an order on your website, go to aliexpress to order that item and it's no longer available? Does that happen or am I missing something?

Heather Campi says:

SIngle mom here. I've recently decided I want to focus on my kids and work from home or on the go. Thank you for your videos. I'm sitting here taking notes on everything you say and cannot wait to put it all together. I really appreciate you making this free for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Alyssa Childress says:

So how do you grow your brand from tik tok if you don’t have the product ?

Rose S says:

I love you for this ! literally

Brizzness says:

You are legit girl! Keep up the great work and great hustle! Enlighten us all so we can become financially stable.

Jacqueline M. says:

Sis I feel like i owe you for mentioning “cash back” from credit cards

B0RNK1NG says:

Thank you so much for this I have been hesitant to start mainly because everyone charges for their first class and I didn't know what or how to do it but u definitely helped me ALOT.

Baran Daghan says:

Baddie love your vids but i have a question how to add payment methots to our site and do we need open a company for getting payments ?

Envious Jones Hair Care says:

Omg you did that Baddie…. After two yrs of trying learning drop shipping and not having any luck. your 36 mins just changed the game

Efemena Oju says:

Baddie, you're really awesome! Most other gurus tell a newbie what to do costing a boatload of dollars and one becomes so scared. Don't know how you got such a kind heart of free online business at no or minimal cost. Love what you're doing so much. God bless and reward you real good girl.

BEtvdaytime says:

Quick question girl, I'm thinking about drop shipping but does the vendors put my brand or thank you notes included or just ship from their store without all of that? How would the customers know it came from me and not the actual vendors?

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