I Spent 2 Hours Doing Surveys Online

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I’m sure we have all heard that you can make money by doing online surveys, but does this actually work? I decided to find out. In this video, I spend 2 hours completing surveys online on a site called Inbox Dollars. I am not affiliated with them and they did not sponsor this video.

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Ryan Scribner says:

If this video made you laugh, please share it with a friend!

Missy Soaps says:

The Survey Gods were on vacay 😽

Tim Qualls says:

Qmee is the best survey app I've used. You can make money with inbox dollars but it's a very slow process.

Rayo-Digital GarcΓ­a Palacios says:

How generating a lot of money worked for me with this product and it still works, copy the link and put this together (2OY6j DV) this.!

Shrippie - says:

I see the title but see the video humble

DECABEATZ Impact value says:

Eggs a joke

Sifa Garcia says:

This vid is freakin awesome. Thanks man!

Swapnil Parab says:

Its not for INDIA

Little Corners Of the World says:

Thanks for making this video πŸ™‚

jeffery williams says:

Unfortunately I was disabled for a few years so I decided to do these so called online surveys to make money. The first time I spent 7 continuous hours doing surveys online thinking I'd make some cash. After 7 long hours of being a jackass I was directed to another survey to make a 100 dollar bonus so I did. Two hours later and hundreds of questions answered i was again directed to another survey. I finally figured out that I just wasted 9 hours and made a complete ass out of myself. For the next 2 years I had several hundred emails daily wanting me to take surveys for more cash. My thought was,more cash I never received anything for my 9 hours yet. Finally after telling a friend of mine about what I did he laughed and said his son did the same thing except he spent 3 weeks doing surveys and was always offered more money for additional surveys. His son never received anything except other scam sights wanting him to do more surveys and promising to pay him 300 again. Finally after several others reported the identical result, many hours of surveys and nothing to show any blind person could see the scam. Also my daughter's college friend female was offered 100 bucks to do a phony utube telling people about the thousands she made doing surveys. Unfortunately desperate people will waste thousands of hours thinking that they might make enough for lunch. Extremely diabolical scam. From several people and thousands off wasted hours DON'T DO ONLINE SURVEYS IT'S A HORRIBLE SCAM AIMING AT DESPERATE PEOPLE TRYING TO MAKE A HONEST DOLLAR SOME OF THESE PEOPLE ARE COMPLETELY BED RIDDEN. THESE SIGHTS ARE EXTREMELY DIABOLICAL..

The Satisfying Reddit says:

How much has this video made you

Richard Williams says:

Is this a scam seriously

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