Infinite Chocolate Bar Trick

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Please help me to reach 50,000 subscribers! Infinite Chocolate Bar Trick EXPLAINED:
How the Infinite Chocolate Bar Trick works? Endless Chocolate Bar. How to Explain the Infinite Chocolate Trick? Never ending Chocolate Bar. Chocolate Magic. Infinite Chocolate optical illusion with an extra piece of chocolate.

By Crazy Russian Official

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Jixx X says:


robloxian06 says:

Yh, this trick sucks, DO IT AGAIN try cmon try OH WAIT
You can’t. It’s not INFINITE if you can only do it once

Dr zomboss says:

I just eat all the chocolate, not one

legendary Pikachu says:

Does this glitch still work or did God Patch it

MIghtyMouse04111 says:

wait what if u just keep going?

James Ródriguez says:

banach tarksi paradox

Eric Choi says:

The bed, couch, chair is lava in
Like if you didnt care

Antara Baranwal says:

How this happened

Visharad Kende says:

BC check the depth of top 4th row, it reduce.

JelliDog says:

Doesn’t work, cut gets bigger and bigger.

Ismael Muniz says:

Mad russian scitentis:"hey can i copy the homework"
Crazy russian hacker:"sure just change it up a bit so we dont get caught"

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