Learn Fifth Harmony's 'Work from Home' dance moves

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Chances are, you’ve seen Fifth Harmony’s Work From Home music video that has 280 million views and counting.

I admit that I’ve contributed at a few dozen clicks to that insane number of views. Why? Because I can’t get that song about convincing your lover to “work from home” (stay in bed with you) out of my head, and I have a strange fascination with the video that manages to make cement mixers, tape measures and hammers sexy.

So, I stopped obsessing over the video, and instead I tried to learn from it.

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Michelle Carrillo says:

camz 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖💖💖😍😍😍😍

Laryssa says:

Camz prestativa…

BullionWATCH says:

normani dances the best. period! its consistent throughout

Ethan Malek says:

Tbh Normani is the best dancer 😍

r0bz1985 says:

Dina looks like a tranni

Zai Par says:

Love Lauren outfit😍 n her body🤤

Remflo Cevedo says:

Shizun Nanase: I have to progress for my literary but I’m Spanish just what I said I love my mother land.

dboy2612 says:

Normani is so hot and thick!!

daffy Cano says:

My. Laurent tan hermosa como Siempre💋💋💖💖😍

John Crabtree says:

These girls r all so thick n sexy

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