LEFT MY JOB to become an ENTREPRENEUR/SELF EMPLOYED! | How I Did it, Motivational speech, Story Time

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Just a little motivational story time & how I was able to leave my job in February and never looked back! Love being my own boss and looking forward to more things in the future! So in love with it all. Love learning and achieving for MYSELF. BE UR OWN BOSS! Big or small. xoxo

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tori hernandez says:

Thank you so much I really needed this. I love how passionate you are, and it’s really inspiring. I decided that I wanted to do Depop full time too. This really helped me because you have to push yourself when you want to do Depop.
Depop: @heavievintage

treavy says:

Thank you for the inspiration 🤗also congrats on your sucessful shop🤗🎉.

Adriana Alonso says:

I just started my depop a month ago and I’ve been doing pretty good. Recently though all I’ve been getting are likes and no buys. I’ve gotten more likes than before so idk. If you have any tips on what I can do better I’m more than happy to take them. Also i really love your videos, they have helped me the most! 💓🥺

Also you’re literally so beautiful!!! ❤️

Depop: adrieeanah

Cristian Angeles says:

Great video! First video I watched of yours was how to ship with depop. Always bought from the thrift since I was 15, 10 years later I’m starting to sell! It’s a hard road and takes a lot more work than a actual job, based on that it all comes down to you! Great seeing a independent Latina being their own boss! Stay up and let’s get this bread 😁😁😁

Cass_Unfiltered says:

Thank youuuu 😭 This is so much goal 🖤

SERAH K says:

You really motivated me hun. I am launching my store this November

fabianna o says:

✨✨ my depop is @ smolgirly ✨✨ & i offer free shipping on all items including bundles 💗💗 https://depop.com/smolgirly

Tracy Pham says:

i really love your mindset and your faith is so inspirational 💕 loved the video!

Skye Martell says:

Girl we have so much in common. I live in NY but if you ever need a friend I'm here 🙋‍♀️🤣 I left my job in July because I hated it and never looked back either! I've been trying my hardest to support my self & become self employed which is why I turned to depop as well. My goal is to ultimately work for myself & have time to live & find my own happiness & not worry about working for someone else & their dreams & making them money. This world is money driven. People forget how important it is to chase their own happiness instead of just the money. My depop is not nearly as big as yours but hopefully it'll help open new doors for me & you as well! So happy you took that leap of faith. It's an amazing feeling being on a path you're creating for yourself 💕 much love to you.

Bry 'N Kinks says:

You should do a storytime of your experiences at the retail store lol im interested now lol

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