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Alex Bel says:

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MADLyricStudio says:

Um it looks like the website is inactive it no longer shows total payouts, or recent payouts, also the advertisement banners are gone, yet says 100 people online… I was ganna register but discovered this, whats going on?

Vishal Paswan says:

hello. I am from India please tell me I also can use this

bob person says:

Wow. 10 seconds x 10 ads = $100???
That's uh, lets see, yeh…


Make Extra Money $50 – $100 / Day. Just Google "chriseo online money machine" to see how…..

1showie says:

Earn free cash by just referring members to Earn $5 for every new member referred. Just keep adding emails to keep earning. Once they become members you earn $5. It's easy and hassle free and they pay you monthly.

Herby Green says:

This guy just want you guys to sign up, for him to get referrals and make money out of y'all. It's a waste of time and your hard earned money. He's not being completely honest.

Mike Maylar says:

Man what else do you have to do to make money

Phillip Phillimon says:

another fucking scam!

Eric Wallace says:

I tried signing up for the site but it will not approve of all my information I used to try to sign up for traffichubb.

Adam richardson says:

I personally make about 75 dollars per day online with this great method here: HootCash. com

Diamond Geeman says:

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