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KEITH 31 says:

I'm really trying to make some money online

KEITH 31 says:

Do this really work you look really simple

Udaya Kumar says:

HELLO Tyler pratt, i am a BEGINERS can i do it ,if yes please tellme how to work from home online jobs.

Simon Joseph says:

Not a single success story has been narrated here?

lisa svensson says:

I have one question. I'm member in freelance and People per hour. They ask me upload my CV for these skills. I dont have CV with with these skills. Where can I get CV for these skills?

Cheryl Putnam says:

Do the people on Freelancer ask you about your experience? Because if they do, how does that work?

Catherene Crichton says:

hi from samoa..if im going to work on this how am i able to get paid?? it possible that i can get paid through western union??

simply EmmyJ says:

i just wanna know, do i have to pay the feverr agent before the project will be executed???

Pixelles says:

Thank you so much for this video and I can’t wait to try it. However in the age of social media and freely available information, it’s hard to believe that the people posting these projects, haven’t heard about Fiverr!

I’ve subbed.

Watchem Akbad says:

Great video. It made sense after the 1st time you explained it. Wish me luck🤞

Gagne ton argent says:

Thanks a lot for this video. I tryto sign up to freelancer as independant. But you must create a serious profile with competences. You must load a CV! It's not also simple as we can see!

Oskar Kristensen says:

Hello Tyler! Do you know any website's similar to freelancer? For. Example in Denmark, because I'm danish.

Nguyễn Khánh Sao says:

good jobs. Tkank you ad

Yaritza Liriano says:

But isnt this a form of plagiarism? I think is a great idea but it looks like a form of plagiarism to me. I don't know why but something about it feel wrong.

AppGrind Tv says:

good job tyler you encouraged me to create my own channel about making money online I have found many methods similar that work great !

David Gordon says:

also with this video
in Australia we use a similar thing called Airtasker most of the jobs there want a bit of a preview of what you can do
neat idea though

David Gordon says:

Tyler great work!
watched a few of your vids and i think you said post here with Qs
how can we make our content not spammy when doing affiliates ?
I know we have to add value, is there an ideal amount of links or is it the language SEO suggests.

Carol Parramore says:

Thank you Tyler. I will give this a shot!

Ilu Ilu says:

Hey Tyler which plugin or service you're using for your squeeze page in description box??

Robin Newton says:

Lots of promises all lies become a politician you good at lies. All crap nothing works

Bharat ugale says:

I need. 1000doler

Marques Ware says:

This is a really good idea but how can you book the gig if you dont have the right portfolio and attributes as a middleman?

Septimus - Prime says:

Has anyone literally profited from this?

Debbie Smith says:

Tyler, watched your cut & paste vid, need 2 know once I win the bid from freelancer, & have my fiverr producer, do I pay fiverr person out of my pocket cause I won't have $ from freelancer until I deliver finished product, how does that work or flow ? Thanks again….

William Goh says:

Great idea but how do we get those projects/jobs on Freelancer when they need a portfolio, and second what if the employer on freelancer after getting the project done would not pay you for whatever reason they have? People on Fiverr would also ask for advance payment, and employers on Freelancer doesn't want advance payment, how do you deal with this?

Gabrielle Rosen says:

Love the concept but how do you win the bid?

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