Make EASY Money Selling These in school (Make $200 A Week)

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Whats up Youtube, welcome back to the channel! Just wanted to show you guys this other way I use to make money back in middle school and high school as a teen. I did this along side with my candy business. If you can start a mini war at your school with these you’ll be rolling in it. Kids will to hunt you down trying to buy a bottle off of you. This method of making money isn’t for everyone (definitely one of the more risky ways), so please do this at your own risk!
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Bethanie Charles says:

Sell takis,skittles, and candies twix includes.

x a v d says:




Remedy says:

Another easy way is to sell mango juul pods and shoot up the school with a marshmallow gun

Jayant Dasari says:

This is a waste of water

Hubert Konkel says:

the good guide that worked if you ask me is at: NICECASH. CO (Without Spaces) πŸ’―

Daniel Warne says:

the legit one That is really working personally iz: NICECASH .CO (Witthout Spaces) πŸ˜…

LianYt says:

I make so much monney at school theres this fat ass kid who ates like 100
candy a day and i sell him all the time and he buy like one candy for 3 dollarπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


You weaponize orbies lmao

MrLaruelle says:

The legit guide that seriously worked if you ask me is: NICECASH . CO (Delete Spaces) 🌝

The wise Guy says:

It will work 4 me bc I go to Roosevelt

NSN Gaming says:

This man just broke every system

Ava x says:

I sell blue lollies πŸ¦‡πŸ’Ž

Bodhi Perz says:

This guy is big brain

Xbox plays101 says:

Im gonna make lemon nades like grenades but ill put lemon inside waterbottles and make them explode

TJ Baumchen says:

Hey dude how come you stopped making videos? Such a unique channel

SpicySalsa says:

I have no starting money so this sucks πŸ™

Zach Nye says:

Bro my teachers would kill me for instigating something like that.

static_ xWaves says:

let me cap some of those bottles of orbeis

Valeria Rodriguez says:

That’s so much plastic πŸ™

OTRXKZ says:

You forgot the part that if you get caught you lose everything

Ya Gurl Marinaaa says:

Omg I sold water beads too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Shadowsean says:

It dont work for me

Concluding says:

Where u buy them out

US Limo Services says:

You have the best ideas that's why I subscribed

Dr Pro Games says:

Do I put notifications on or is there no point cuz the last time he uploaded was 5 months ago

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