Make EASY Money Selling Things From DOLLAR TREE! Anyone Can Do This.

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Buy Items I Use Everyday while Packing and Shipping!:

Uline 14×20 Poly Bags (Best for Clothes) :

Poly Mailers:

Barcode Scanner that I use:

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Printer I use:

Scale I use:

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TNGam3rz says:

Best by dates is not an expiration date! A best by date is guaranteed freshness up to that date, no promises after that date. Expiration date is to discard after the date as it’s haute tees to be bad or of no use any longer. HUGE difference.

Nifty Online Resale plus says:

Great Advice 🙌🏾

Nifty Online Resale plus says:


GooberVlogs says:

Nice video … I sold 2 items for $-14.99 that cost me $2 💰

Roy Fletcher says:

Can you recommend a scanner for me get?

S Meg says:

Can you tell me what app you’re using for scanning?

Gabriel Lopez says:

Don’t believe the hype cause you see he didn’t pay for the things that can “triple your money”

Lil Bay says:

What did you use to scan it never mind

JASON Blake says:


David Woolet says:

Not to be rude but I would go to dollar tree instead of buying online that is dollar tree is a place who barely have money people will got to dollar tr

ExtraSalt says:

When you take shipping, fees, taxes, gas to drive around and the amount of work you're putting in, the $0.50-$3 profit on each item isn't worth it over a regular job or something like the stock market. If you were going to sell online, buying liquidation gives you more valuable stuff. There's risk in everything(obviously) but this is a lot of work for very minimal gain.

Clay Ox says:

What isnthe best scanner to use

kimMY nyC says:

what app is everyone using on these videos to scan bar codes to find out IF & how much they are selling for on eBay etc?!?

Justan Baker says:

.minus tome and gas complete waste of time. Bad suggestions for new ebayers. This junk is why resellers quit

kelly damms says:

Can you make a private store or boutique on Instagram and sell for whatever price you want?

X says:

All of the dollar store foods and drinks are about to expire within days or a week…they also sell lots of cases of water and a lot people don't understand why water bottles have an expiration date… the water don't expire but the plastic does and if you shake the bottles you will see what looks like bubbles but its plastic from the inside of the bottle breaking down, don't drink plastic… freezing water in the plastic bottle has the same effect so don't freeze water bottles. great video TS

Gary Merrill says:

I buy stuff at the 99 cent store and then return it at the dollar store – makes a quick 1c profit!!

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