Make FREE! Money Online In South Africa With Old Mutual (2022)

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Learn how to make money online in South Africa with the Old Mutual rewards program. This is a free program that with help you learn about money and how to invest and build wealth in 2022.

Find the program here:
Reference number: 1017792548S

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Katleho Ann says:

Hi Queen is it necessary to have a promo code for this I'm a new subscriber and just saw this thank you so much ❤️💯


Hi. Where does one put the reference number?

Gugu Mpanza says:

Best chanell ever 🤝

Thabo Moyane says:

Thank you for this

Mapaseka Miya says:

Thank you so much Queen. How do I sign up

Lizzy M Letsoalo says:

Hey dear, Thank you so much for the great content. This is one of the easiest and best ways to make extra cash. Iv done this for a few days now and have depleted almost all points but then how do I get to over R3000 coz I'm not even close to dat.❤️

Engel Nkosi says:

Here the amount is exaggerated. Old mutual wants money from its customers not the other way around. I know old mutual rewards i joined it like 2 years ago now. I have 530 points wich amounts to R53. And I worked for those points after hours and hours of being online I got only that. So don't believe you will get a lot of money nah you won't. What I have noticed about YouTubers they put those big amounts to drive traffic to their channel for more views and likes wich is more money for them. And for anything they say the link is bellow it's still more money for them. Old mutual has referal points, so is most of the online gigs. You refere a freand, you get 200 points wich amount to 2. So if 10 000 of you use her link to register old mutual rewards how much does she get? Exactly. She will come back to show you here balance and tell you that's how much you can get but in reality it is not true because unlike her you might not have a YouTube channel. Honestly think about it. If really she was making all the money she's putting on her vedio titles she wasn't gona have any business making YouTube vedios telling you about me. Bite me but that's the truth. I don't have a problem with her doing what she got to do to feed her but Sis, be realistic here.

Mr Music says:

How much does the average person make on this method?

Lungelo Ngubane says:

Me watching this video while I'm reading the comments of people who tried this and old mutual is a real company seen it at the mall but for so many people to "earn money" they but nt get a cent but hey u do u girl I aren't gonna stop ur side hussle struggle…….. 💔😥

Ntombekhaya Baskiti says:

Thank you , so much my friend! you had really helped me, whit this app, I 'm earning some points I have 199. 50 points. Thank you so much i' am still learning. Keep on shearing it will help others too! 👍👍👍💯

Lusanda Ngodwana says:

I just made my first R100 😆 not much but thank you so much

Joy Mahlangu says:

how did you manage to make R3000 because I am stuck at R200?

Karabo Legwale says:

Today is my first day on the Old Mutual Rewards program and I've made R38 so far, it's not much but it's a start

Tana Tana says:

I have been sleeping on this, thanks gal

James and Valerie Remnant says:

wonderful–just a pity there is no option to transfer your earnings to your PayPal or personal bank account

Mxolisi Terence says:

It says here it needs a reference number

Ntombikayise Ntshingala says:

Hi cc. Please assist what number do I use as rewards number and promo code

Nomzamo Madonsela says:

This video is awesome. It's my first time coming across your channel and I'm so glad I did. Thank you for this.

it's Precious B says:

How do you submit your documents.. So that you can be able to buy vouchers?

Pieter Groenewald says:

I am trying to put in my cellnumber at my personal details but they say it is not the correct way. How do I put in my cellnumber? Would you please assist me. Thanks very much

Intokozo Hlophe says:

Hey miss I just registered but now when I try to login it says they are unable to log me

Naomi Stokwe says:

hey sis, i am a teen, can i do it?

Anees ul Hanif says:

Qween your video are very simple and help ful thanks qween magomani

Raul says:

Hello Queen, how do I get the card pin ???

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