Make money fast by this homemade money printer; Yes very fast

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Want some quick money? Just see how to Make money fast by this homemade money printer; Yes very fast, the fastest way to make money I’v ever seen.

If you don’t want to make yourself, you can also buy one like the one in this clip:

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Nathaniel Cardenas says:

Ok! This works! I mean the dislike button works dumby!!! Stop with this fake Chris Angel magic you have ?????????


Hello everyone this is fake 🙂 sorry to blow it on u but in THE REAL WORLD we have to "WORK" ok so u get a fucking job and get some money ok and buy that damn toy u wanted ar walmart that ur cheap ass parents said no too ok

Jasmine SanaaLove says:

I know that's just a prank cause I have the same thing?

Breatha Fagin says:

isn't that illegal

Noah + Brandon /IOSEMU4U says:

is this legal?

MuddBruvas TvTM says:

Who Ever Think This Real Dumb Asl ??

jails squad lit says:

he probably posed the vid and put money on one side and paper on the other

H20 Delirious says:

you can get paid by doing online surveys

Yuxin Lin says:

Hahaha, this is so amusing. He doesn't print out money, one of the straw rollers roll up the blank strip of paper and at the other end, he put in a real bill. Therefore when he's rolling up the blank strip it's also rolling out the money.

da_boss_of_basketball says:

fake ass hell and one reason you can tell its because he or she didn't put any paint on the black paper if they did it would look actually real but illegal

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