Make Money FAST In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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There are a lot of ways to make money in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but if you want to maximize profits here are some tips to make a ton of bells.

This video covers fishing and bug catching strategies, deserted islands, and the Stalk Market. As always, if you’ve found some efficient ways to make money in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, please share them in the comments below.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is out March 20 on Nintendo Switch. In Kallie Plagge’s review in progress she gave it an 8, saying, “While I’ve spent a lot of time developing my island so far, I still feel as if there’s plenty left for me to do and see–there’s a lot in New Horizons to occupy your time with.”


viperstudioshass says:

Where do you get peacock butterflys? Obviously you can farm them because you had so many there.

Georgie Lockhart says:

Him pulling that oarfish out of the water looked alot like the first time I ever gave my boyfriend a blowie 😉

Cat Flichka says:

You can use the duplication glitch (furniture) to sell Nintendo Switches. Takes ~3 mins to get 150K.

*** like a punk says:


Sam Wilcox says:

not the point but okay

Na. On. says:

I have no rocks at my island TT

Dovydas says:

I love how a game comes out and people want to find the fastest way to beat everything. Like if there was a button to just get everything in the game instantly people would push it. So odd.

oL9 - Minecraft, FIFA, and more! says:

My own island is infested with tarantulas. I encountered 5 in ten minutes last night

Nick Woodworth says:

The rocks always get destroyed after one hit for me

xopha says:

I went to a random island 5 times today but only encountered a new villager for the first 3. Maybe there's a limit?

Arjun Soni says:

I fished for 5 hrs and I am filthy rich now 😂. This game helps me forget my real shit life…

Lore says:

GameXplain clone item

kally J says:

I don't know if rocks reappears ,beacuse i can't find anY :[

Eric says:

I caught 25 Emperor Butterflies on a mystery island of flowers and earned 100k bells.

The Artsy says:

What you need to go to a Island
Voting poll
Fishing rod
Bug net

valitsaki AVG says:

I'm surprised tom nook isnt homeless.

Sune b says:

Does the islands you fly to have special/different fish than your main island? Because I only get the same..

Burning Rose Imp says:

One time I visited an island that I dubbed ‘the Netherlands’ because it had a TON of tulips. Like, 100 in a circle around a pond.

tsenny says:

when i caught the oarfish, my switch was vibrating like cRaZy and for a sec i thought it was damaged and i was so shook when that huge thing came up

El Vangaliximus says:

Bruh I have the game for 1 day and I’ve payed all nooks’ debts

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