Make Money Online With FREE Wix Websites (Easy $100/Day Method)

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In this video, I show you how to make money online with free websites. They aren’t meant to be your main income stream, but they are great supporting websites you can use to get even better results to the tune of $100 a day or more. I teach 3 ways to make money with Wix.


Deadbeat Super Affiliate says:

Sorry for the lag in videos, Deadbeats! The channel is growing faster than I can keep up with. I wanted to make sure all Deadbeats are taken care of before expanding again. Will start releasing new videos again! Keep an eye out!

Coffee says:

Anyone know how to paste an html code in wix?

François Leduc says:

How can you make a 40$ commission on a product that cost 39,95$.

TommyRed P. says:

Hey Dan. I bought your DEADBEAT Course and now going through the materials. But I also saw this video. But When doing the WIX site it doesn't have the option for a FREE WIX DOMAIN. Is there a way to add the email I set up for my niche. Or do they not have the FREE DOMAIN anymore?

MakeSenseUSA says:

Sounds great like a starter… Thank you for the insight… Keep up the great work

David Hunt says:

So wix just lets you use there site to make a free affiliate website

Darren Arthur says:

Earn $40.00 commission on a product that the customer is buying for $39.95… right, care to explain that one?

Musa Jallow says:

am new to online money making sytem so pls help me where to get more knowledge.

Miyuki Parco says:

Mr. Deadbeat. I'm new on this kind of business. In terms of commission, I want to know where will the money go when a user come to my website and click the product. does the money will transfer to my bank account? how can I get the money. I want you to show me the path way of getting the money. Thank you.

Blake M says:

yeah sure you can make this random spammy website, but good luck getting any conversions or even traffic.

drkotb2010 القطب says:

how many site can I make with a free account on Wix?

Benoit Emond says:


Mark Farner says:

Thank you for the video. It says that Wix is a great way to use as a supporting website to boost your main business and up the search engine rankings. Can you please give me an example of how to do that? I only saw info on this video about the wix website, not the main business website. It shows great steps to make money from affiliate links, send traffic to youtube videos and make a list. If you already have a main business and website, why would you make separate Wix websites? Why not just put all the info on your main business website?

Guerrero_91 says:

Anybody making their first $100 yet?

Omiros P says:

Hey man, have you tried creating a subdomain like this one and registering in any affiliate network ? Do they let you do it or do you have to go into e.g. Revitol's official website to get a link from them?

Luz Cervantes says:

How do you get your money)

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