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If you’d like to make some extra cash or you’re like me and you hate answering to a boss five days a week, being told when you can take a break, or when you’re allowed to sit down and eat. I have a short list of opportunities that will allow you to be your own boss and/ or make an additional side income. Some of these WORK FOR YOURSELF IDEAS allow you the luxury of working from home.
These are really great Work For Yourself Ideas and I think they could benefit anyone looking to make some extra cash or become self employed.

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Ernest Fry says:

I have a complaint about doordash. I worked for this company and they said they were going to pay me $5 a delivery I believe it was, and then eventually they were paying me anywhere between 1 + $4 a delivery. What was wrong with that…!? I was mad. I don't feel that was right, it wasn't what they promised me, it wasn't what I agreed to, it wasn't what I signed a contract for I believe, and basically they allowed the customer to cover your fee because if the tip was the same amount as your fee they would only pay you a few bucks instead of the $5 a delivery that they promised. I don't know if I was missing something, or some kind of loophole in the contract, but it felt wrong to me and I lost money. Not to mention the fact that I spent $10 or more a day in gas because I drove it out. So, to me it really wasn't worth it. Other people claim to do well, but, that's them and their experience and results

Yander Dreams says:

Lol, I cant be an Uber driver. It's because I need complete silence while driving, and people want to talk. I had my cousin in the car with me, and was so distracted from him running his mouth that I almost wrecked. I can't. I need to focus. Postmates is lovely. A young 20 year old girl makes 100$ a day, doing postmates, and walking dogs on another app.

BIBO Weekly! says:

Great advice and tips on entrepreneurship….thanks for sharing

SoldiersofSelfMastery says:

Nice Video mario, I Gots to Learn Your skills.(Video Production with Effects) One of these Days, LOL A Project. Some Great Ideas Bro, Hope The advice is Taken. Because there is So Much Opportunity around Us. I have a Great Idea Also It involves Apps, and Empowering Families and Small Businesses. If Anyone has Interest in this. Apps and Empowerment. Message Me and we can do a Short Get to Know Consultation, See if there is a Fit. Hope my Plug in is Proper.

Change Everything says:

It looks like you´ve gain a lot of experience yourself! Exellent video!

Anika Cottman says:

Great ideas for those who have an entrepreneurial mindset!! LOVE IT

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