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Watch me use the Oscar’s Grind roulette system to make some easy money on the Coral online casino. This system is very simple, and quite safe too It’s great for making a quick profit, as you’ll see in the video. Don’t forget to subscribe for lots more videos like this, where I’ll show you how you can make some great money playing roulette online.

For much more information on the system, plus many others, check out my website: Here you can find lots of roulette systems, guides, hints and reviews on just about anything to do with online roulette.


RouletteVision says:

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Holy Roller says:

He is not really a roulette player. He has a casino tag so he is working for a casino and showing you a crappy strategy so that the casino takes your money.

KOH Joo Hua says:


Dennis Durkop says:

Relies on to much luck! No thank you!

jakob falden says:

Makes no sense! Duble on loss is sraghit up better. With ur tactic if you have less than a 33% win rate you lose money

Ognjen Stojadinović says:

Glupane kako si glup picko smrdljiva govedo jedno pokvareno namazano svim farbama.Majmune caknuti glupane tupavi sabane glupi cigo smrdljiva idi u kantu i kontener majmune bez mozga TUPAVI

Quantum Success Marketing says:

i watched and actually you made two errors and made it FUSING BUDDY ! U won one time and never double your bet and previusly you won and doubled and won and later on you lost and double down by error so now I am really mixed up and you actually never mention why you chanced colours on win or loss it was random by the looks of it ? Or did you actually have a sequence of the opisit colour … wo I am mixed up ! please explain feeewwwww !

Access Denied says:

what da fuckin' idiot!

owen akers says:

plus am sure ypure only supposed to bet 5 when you at 0 as your only tryinf to be in a profit of 1 unit for that round, correct me if im wrong mate just trying to learn it

owen akers says:

do you still find this system successful mate? what would happen say if you went on a run of say 8 losses in a row would you carry on till you're one unit in profit or just start a new round

4exgold says:

do u have a profit target for each session? or a stop loss perhaps?

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