Making Easy Money on Robinhood

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MaximalHardy says:

Hmm can we talk about investing I’m about to come into money not a lot but I’d say enough for me to invest and make money I wanna learn how all this works in depth how should I go on about it

Nico Kayser says:

Mhm the divined yield now is blank. Does that mean they cut the divined’s??

eugene redding says:

Is this a good long term hold GLAD

rotagbhd says:

Bad logic, bad strategy, horrible stocks. Follow this lousy advice at your own risk.

Chris Henkel says:

Chris referred you so you get a free stock. Claim this stock now without investing money first:

jay halbin says:

both of the tickers in this vid have a blank on the dividen yield on the robin hood app so has the dividen changed since u have made this vid???

Johnny Hernandez says:

I don’t understand how do I get money? I invest into different companies with a good dividend yield and they transfer money to my bank account every quarter?

Shawny Moore says:

Us this link to get a free stock

Da Jezter says:

Are their more than just those 2 that give monthly dividends?

John B says:

Do you have a Snapchat I have questions

Van Lazo says:

Do you need to deposit money every month or can you just deposit one time and just wait for dividends?

1waycool says:

Question:$476.33 what's you made back from the investment

Joshua Morgan says:

So how much money will you make, and how long does it take to get the money you spent back?

Jason Jewell says:

Just been on this for a month and was thinking king along g these line and you explained it well. Thank you my friend.

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