Need for Speed HEAT – FAST & EASY MONEY & REP – Over $1,000,000+ An HOUR!

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What is always one of the most requested videos, on launch day! A guide on how to make money & Rep, even from the very start of the game.

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Outro: Madloops


Alan Paragon says:

Psn is blacknightal1356 i have a ps4

fluffypears gaming says:

hey blackpanthaa is it okay i can be friends with you and we can play together? psn fluffypears i just recently started playing need for speed and i am really enjoying it and i would like more friends to play with 🙂 i hope we can race each other one day

Antone Tremarco says:

Ps4 : jojo1943

Carlos Moreno says:


Mateoo says:

Idk about u guys, but for me this after finishing the race then going back to garage doesn't work….Money still drops and doesn't go back to the original price!

Jaime Rincon says:

Jayyymitoo_o PSN

Ned Barrozo says:

PSN: Chloros13

David Faatoese says:

ShameStinkTeke – xbox fam!

DeferentComic says:

DeferentComic22 -Xbox

Ferdi says:

Anyone got any open crews, PC? Or just down to play together to make some money? I play all day usually

ID- iFerdizz

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