Online Business Training Bootcamp: Free from Friend of the Show

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If you’ve been looking to build an online business, check out this 28+ hours of FREE training—provided by my long-time friend, Internet Marketing Coach and Award-winning producer Kean Wong:

If you love the free business and marketing training, there is also paid coaching and further courses available. If you sign up using the link above, a portion will go to support China Uncensored. Thank you!



Victor Ibarra says:

Trump 2016!!! USA USA USA

mangomango999 says:

This was really sad. I came back to see if more people felt the same as me. They do. If you want to support Chris's good work at China Uncensored then use Patreon. Chris maybe a video explaining how we are wrong about this guy or how you made a mistake. It's one or the other. There is no crime in wanting to support a friend or someone who was harassed by the Chinese government. But there is something not right about this.

=NolePTR says:

Free China Movie sounds like a Chinese knockoff lmao.

Celestial Salamander says:

Kean kind of looks like Xi Jing Ping.

scgrigsby says:

Absolute scam job. Takes you to Tec Academics where you can become a Tec Academics Ambassador to earn money by referring people to Tec Academics. NOT ONE LINK to ANY FREE Courses. Total scam.

Ariesticnig says:

,,,, and not starve to death in the gutter? Tell me the truth, please, do I really get to starve to death elsewhere?

TheDrakon says:

Wouldn't it be nice if China Uncensored reached tens of millions of people. I've got a free business idea, let's make a Chinese speaking version of China Uncensored.

If I wanted to support Chris and China Uncensored I'd just directly do so via patreon, instead of paying for a bunch of stuff I don't need and definitely don't want.

I don't know what it is with Asian men, but I've recently met a number of them working for these "boot camps" where they supposedly teach you how to be successful in life. At first it's free, but then the "higher levels" require you to pay money. Basically, it's a way for them to earn money by dangling the promise of success in front of people, sort of like what schools do with young adults, but far less specific towards a certain career and even more so looking like just a cash grab and taking advantage of people.

Whenever I hear the words "boot camp" I automatically equate them with "taking your money for free information". Most of these "boot camps", if not all of them, just regurgitate information that's already freely available that you either already know or could easily learn yourself from google, except that they charge you for it. Just because it's being explained by some Asian guy in a suit doesn't make it feel any more real, but it will make your wallet feel a whole lot emptier.

Earning lots of money does not equal success. Pouring money into someone who promises you success definitely won't lead you to success. It will however help line that person's pockets. Education is great, but the only person who can truly make you successful is yourself, certainly not some Asian guy in a suit.

People earn more money and "get ahead" by taking advantage of other people, which is sad and their "boot camp" is doing just that. This "boot camp" most likely won't help you no matter how much they promise that it will. The thing that really bothers me with these "boot camp" operations is that they're taking advantage of those who aren't financially doing well, it's horrible and I find it pretty disgusting. I've never met a single person who was like "yo dawg I went to dis boot camp and paid a bunch-o-ca$h and now I'm like dis multi-millionaire".

Money obsession is just a mental illness and there's a lot of people out there looking to take advantage of people who suffer from this illness. If you want good success advice go and watch the movie 3 idiots. That's my free (that's right, I'm not asking for money) advice to Chris and the China Uncensored team.

I'm sorry that Chris (and possibly the rest of the China Uncensored team?) is drowning in student debt, but it's not the fault of his audience, it's their own fault. By making videos of thinly veiled cash grabs you're most likely just going to alienate your audience. Oh look another business tip I'm giving out, and I'm not charging for it because I'm not looking to take desperate people's money.

Seriously, if you're going to ask for cash, target the rich and those who are more well off. Asking for money from those who aren't successful just looks low.

Rick Keller says:


Caps lock for deranged effect.

Gart Paddod (Gart) says:

When will you be in Tainan?
Why not visit Kaohsiung when you are here in Taiwan?
I'd love to meet you.

evilmancer says:

I think I'll stay depressed in the gutter, widdeling away my student debt in exchange for minimum wage

Christian Guzman says:

Time to start China Uncensored Uncensored.

olaf81 says:

What's with all the fuss about Chris doing a simple joint venture? Isn't it a much more creative way than plain ol' YouTube ads? You think his production team have no bills to pay?

Seems like some people here would rather have a Big Government plan your 5-year economy than support free entrepreneurship. They are offering no-cost training, nobody's even asking you to take out your credit cards… and you still complain. Geez. If it's not for you, why don't you just move on?

fuge74 says:

While you advertisement and showboating is right up my alley as a business management major. I think having a college degree will be far more important than your internet training videos, but I will keep the program in mind should I have need for it or other professional reasons after graduating or obtaining my desired career. your endorsement is well placed and well received.

Christian Workman says:

This show is utterly amazing

Zachary Tunnell says:

5 minutes after I signed up for the free training, which asked me for my phone number and address, I started to receive spam. I supplied this information because the supplied information stated that they wouldn't advertise or send solicitation. Within 5 minutes of providing my phone number I started to get text messages with ads, when I have never dealt with this before. Very coincidental.

I thought this video seemed like a thinly veiled ad, and an attempt to sell me something, but on the assurances that there were no catches I supplied personal information. I need to make sure never to make this mistake again.

If I'm wrong and this is some sort of magical coincidence, and I just started to receive text and other spam within a few minutes of providing personal contact information to a group which seemed to be advertising, and it has nothing to do with you I'm very sorry. But, if I just got suckered into something, I must say, well played but you've lost a supporter.

MirceaKitsune says:

Until this, people could say that Chris was just a bad American getting views by bashing on far away China. Now he has a successful Chinese man supporting him and even willing to appear in an episode of his show… what will you say now?

Anonymou s says:

What percentage of proceeds support China Uncensored? It seems a bit vague.

kralle98 says:

Wait, How old is chris and matt?

David Urban says:

1000th like exactly!!!

Airborn14 says:

Is it just me or was he too close to him making it kinda awkward. I think to fix that just get a bigger desk to balance the space out when having more then one person on set

martin nettey says:

chinese dog

I'm a badass melon farmer, and I operate melon restaurants in all the ghettos. says:

THAT'S NOT JACK MA!! I came here to learn how to scam people, god damn it!

Emmanuel Goldstein says:

I think this is a commercial, which is fine – definitely beats those youtube ads. But if you have that guy promote something on China Uncensored why not focus on having him promote that movie of his? That seems much more relevant to the show, wheras that business stuff is something you should promote on a business related channel. I mean isn't that the first thing they teach you in marketing – to select the appropriate target audience?

David Beale says:

I love a good deal and free is as good as it gets. Thank you.
Vote HILLARY for America, tomorrow!

China Uncensored says:

Honestly not sure why it wasn't showing likes and dislikes. That's been fixed.

Thomas Bowers (Tom) says:

I'm just going to forget that this video ever happened.

Beast Mode on says:

Wow Awesome

Samuel Combrinck says:

Censorship from China Uncensored… I am disappointed 🙁 *It has thankfully been fixed!

googolplexbyte says:

How many levels does this marketing scheme have?

The Commie Destroyer says:

I do not appreciate you turning off the ratings, Chris. It loses credibility on your channel with this lack of transparency. I already love investing, though I'll think I'll stick to my original method.

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