Orbit Gum Commercial | "Pants" Video | Peppermint Gum

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Make your first impression a lasting impression with Orbit Gum. #TimeToShine

For additional information and flavors of gum, visit http://www.orbitgum.com/.

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Y e n says:

The mom wanted some of Tom

Millevenon 585 says:

The dad wants to bang the boy. He is creepy AF

Millevenon 585 says:

The dad is creepy

AssasinGames says:

It sounds like outside the door it says: *ANTS LES’ EAT

Hannah Millard says:

I'm too invested in a debate with my housemate. Is this her bedroom in her family home, or, her bedroom in university accommodation??

Myra Brabbs says:

I must be dumb ..what the hell is it supposed to imply ? whats the dad supposed to be smiling about My old dad would have thrown the pair of us out the door never mind smile D;uh

Frosty says:

This is the original?

Yuuki Lawliet says:

In CZ that guy calls himself "Dan", so every time I see this spot, I translate his special chewing gum smile with his words sayng to girls' parents "Hallo,I am done." 😂

sheila nuttall says:

i love how tom is so confident and smug brilliant

Майкл Де Санта says:

Привіт, я Антон 🙂

Katie Lynch says:

This ad makes me angry. Don't presume you can introduce yourself to your partner's parents without their permission. It's so arrogant. What exactly is the message of this ad?

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