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I know, it does sound too good to be true. But after watching the video and seeing how easy it really is to start building a small fortune daily towards your cash out goal, it’s like putting money in the bank every day – and it’s free money too!

If you do the math, it does take about 3 1/2 months to reach the cash out goal, but… that’s only if you don’t get any referrals. You can speed the whole process up by getting referrals as you click daily and reach your cash out goal faster. So sharing your referral link to your Facebook and Twitter account and asking friends to join will help each other make money faster.

So remember, it’s free to join and participate in, there’s no spam in your email and it takes just a few minutes a day to earn. Visit Bux Inc. today and see for yourself!

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Wiljo Mad says:

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Ryan Bardinas says:

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alpha boy says:

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Prasad Dhabe says:

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IcyBlue Heart says:

how do I get the money

Alen Zahirovic says:

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Ale Rodriguez says:

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PatroniMeiSancti says:

Bux Inc
11222 Woodside Ave N, Santee, CA 92071

11400 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Hope this isn't a scam……Weeeeeeee'llllllll ffffffiiiiiiinnnnnnd yyyyyoooooouuuuu. :)


Shady website. Dislike!

MTLS says:

Is it PayPal?

hadas hadad says:

You have proof?

Keith Dyer says:

PaidVerts – PTC Advertising Revenue

Program Details:

This is PTC unlike any other. You get ads sent to your account based on your available Bonus Ad Points ( 1 BAP = 0.0005$). This means that the more BAP you have the higher value ads you will receive. People are getting sent a 1-30$ worth ad every day(along with various other sizes), depending on what "BAP group" they belong to. Because of this I highly suggest getting as much BAP as you can.

How To Earn
Viewing up to 5 activation ads each day, each netting you 100BAP (that's 0.25$ earning potential without compounding per day for FREE!)
Playing games with your BAP to win/lose BAP
Referring friends and completing milestones
Purchasing 1$ ad packs, which deliver 50 quality visits, 25x 728px banner and 100x 125px banner views. You will also receive 3100 BAP(1.55$ worth)The ad visits are high quality, as the user has to copy 3 selling points of your website before even viewing the ad.

Ads will be sent out to your account ASAP if you have available BAP and your account is active(view activation ad at least every 7 days). Ads are usually distributed a few times daily, so check back at least 2 times a day for any ads you might have received as you have 18 hours to click on them before they recycle, and you will lose them along with the BAP they consumed.

Payment proof:

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