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IgniteCinemas says:

WHOA, ALWAYS SOO MUCH MARKETING FIRE FROM YOU! Love the new bump in quality. I gotta quick question. So my channel is shy of 200 subs, do you think i can still crush a product to sell for video editing? I still think im too small :/

chermar sebastyan says:

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riptil enerver says:

Is that acktualy work

Seger Zwanenburg says:

dont dou it its a scam

Ahmad Ahmad says:

Ye hi it works

Kenneth Kim says:

Coach rock from Ilove basketballtv what I never knew you did these things!

June Caesar says:

Thanks for the info…its very simple and down-to-earth πŸ‘Œ

Ch4tof3 says:


Joshua Fowler says:

Man this is dope..subbed! Keep em coming.

Henry Davis says:

Great video man, I'm a big fan. Been following you for years. You always give great information.

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