Quit Your Job and Be Self Employed – Be Your Own Boss Eps. 23

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Being an entrepreneur and being successful at your own business is very hard. It requires lots of time and dedication as well as risk taking. Join me on this journey of my entrepreneur stories where I make it big and go bust several times. Learn from my mistakes and apply successful actions to your own ventures.

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Michael Bennett says:

Banks are not secure

Lieutenant Lacey aka John The Baptist says:

If you were red pill my brother your ex wife wouldn’t have been a factor. Good vide tho

Always Sleepy says:

I like your personality your voice and your message. Thank you because I needed and wanted this information.

M Tamrakar says:

Keep it simple and keep it concise. Cut the crap.

Jean Alexandre says:

The moral to the story is keep your job while working on your side Hustle. When your side business brings in more money then your normal job then you quit

Paulina De Luca says:

Thanks for the great advice boss 👍🏻

astrialinda H says:

People don't really understand how little material things we actually NEED. We are brainwashed from infancy to be consumers……and to run on the hamster wheel…..when in reality, downsizing and being frugal really is the true freedom!!!

Hoops590 says:

Prairie dogs are chiefly herbivorous, though they eat some insects. They feed primarily on grasses and small seeds. In the fall, they eat broadleaf forbs. In the winter, lactating and pregnant females supplement their diets with snow for extra water.

G Ray Hendrix says:

What kind of technology business did you have before it imploded and what kind business do you have now?

Helena Hedge Trimming says:

Hmm, maybe your wife should get a job…

Froggy Frog 9000 says:

Your ex wife got hold of your company? Thats a horror story!

Jv LiveSelfEmployed says:

Digital platforms are transforming businesses with more and more people getting associated with the technology industry. It's a perfect marriage between technology and individuals willing to go digital to start their own online businesses and becoming self employed, contrary to a traditional job. Selling on eCommerce digital platforms is one of the best methods to get started with minimal start-up capital, sometimes could be as low as the cost of a full talk of gas.

Dam Spiders says:

you're a great guy markee. keep it up

Zombie Zeke says:

I had a teacher who made balloons every weekend on the side. The restaurant he worked at let him keep all tips and do it there for free just to draw them in business. In one weekend he pulled in more money making balloons than teaching a whole week.  He offered to teach us, students at the time, this trade AND help us get jobs with his personal connections. I remember going home to play games instead of learning a fun and useful trade. When you miss an opportunity it isn't how big or small it was that does you in, but what that shows about ones self as a person.

deqa says:

I got the code.

EvilOverlords says:

No Defeat the Evil.   I like my feet just where they are. 

Blenderman says:

that almost looks like the windows xp background

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