Rapper's Tips To Make Easy Money On TikTok (You Can make $1000s) | Tray Little

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bukho pin-k says:

thanks for the tips mr sean ,hy drake just got booed off stage ,got me thinking about this tittle ''performing for the right/ or right audience '' was actually amazed that it also applys to big artists like him

Zavon Paschall says:

Thanks for the knowledge y’all were both mad helpful🙌🏽

Yk Sin says:

Brandman dropping jewels as always🙌

J. Vinci says:

I went viral on Tik tok last week. 1 viral video can bring you like 400 followers.

You guys make 6 videos a day, and 3 out of 42 videos a week go viral then you’ll get 1k followers.

I know a mom who lives across my street. She makes 10 videos a day and they only get 20 views but she gets like 2 followers a video so she’s at 2k in a month lmaooo

Brayan De Ita says:

I struggle making content any advice?

Brayan De Ita says:

I don't know how to make content for tiktok I gave no creativity 🙁

My Nizzle Twizzle says:

I keep hearing good stuff about tik tok but I don’t get the hype.

EinJunge says:

what's good BrandMan
Do you think I'm Able to go forward with my creativity on beats?
You can check my beats on my profile and I would really appreciate a feedback from you maybe even here on this comment.
Thank You!

Dj TrueFlex says:

Good vid! Thanks for sharing. Got me curious about SuperPhone.. can you make a vid on that?

Tito Litvak says:

Bro Winter Jam is awesome that's CRAZY

Jonathan Boyd says:

Interesting Conversation Very educational For Organic Reach Tik Tok is the app Right now Interesting Coz I didn't know they had monetised it already Very interesting .

Hustle Williams says:

This video is awesome thank you so much I’m trying to grow my tiktok as well if anyone wants to send me music to use I would be totally down! Thanks so much for these fire videos man tik tok seems like the way to go tiktok hustlewilliams!

noplay1065 says:

I have No Luck with Tik Tok smh……..

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