Red Dead Online – How To Make Money FAST! Easy Ways To Get GOLD BARS & Cash Quickly! (RDR2)

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Red Dead Online – How To Make Money FAST! Easy Ways To Get GOLD BARS & Cash Quickly! (RDR2)
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A guide on the BEST ways to make money in Red Dead Online & acquire lots of GOLD BARS & CASH quickly and easily!

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MrBossFTW says:

Red Dead Online – How To Make Money FAST! Easy Ways To Get GOLD BARS & Cash Quickly!

Tommy Fontane says:

I earned 400 dollars in 2 days of gaming. Dont know what problem you guys have

Mlgno scoop says:

Your Controller rumbles when you are near the chest

light2200 says:

I hope rockstar can take out the leveling system for clothes, im okay paying for the clothes but having to level up for some shirts that u want kinda sucks:

SoCal Kid says:

Dam on the first chest i only got 50 dollars

Buzz Lightbeer says:

Clickbaiting dumbass.

Sam Turner says:

anyone know if progress will carry over from beta to full release / when the full release comes out?

Micah Bell says:

I wish there was a system that let you turn gold jewelry into gold nuggets

Tawkin Dat Tawk says:

Paying for fast travel w my slow bum ass horse is a bit absurd too


I haven't even watch the video and i already want to say FUCKYOU


They need to remove the gold bar system that’s just stupid and either lower prices or up the amount of money you get from a mission or game mode on GTA V online it was encouraging to play because you can play 1 mission if it’s double xp you’ll get $20,000 and you’ll be able to buy a shit ton of stuff but in RDR2 you play 4 missions and you can barely afford a $20 hat


So….Rockstar doesn't think we will waste our lives getting money in red Dead online??? Challenge accepted


Dude why are you lying you didn't find the treasure map you get it when you reach level 10 and then you get another one when you reach level 15

Fifa_19 Packs says:

In my opinion money is very easy to farm with hunting I go to the swamps next to Saint Denis spend 10-15 minuets there killing alligators and birds and anything I can and normally make around $60 per trip

TFoxyBoy says:

How did you get 6XP for a kill instead of 5? 2:51

Fernando appreciate it says:

There is another way that you are close to the chest when you have vibrations on to know how close you are

Jess Kadel says:

Mr boss hope you realize that rockstar might reset everything after the beta

abubakre kabsoun says:


Mehow Espinosa says:

How are people complaining!?! You guys clearly have no appreciation for this game or patience lmao Im lvl 20 already and made over $500+ already in just hunting and fishing alone, not counting gang hidouts and other missions…it doesn't take much to make money. The prices should be higher with all you trolls just trying to money glitch everything and get the best guns without working for it lmao they should all back to fortnight or something else that can keep a short attention span child mind entertained.

Flyby Gaming says:

That's kinda NeAt

brownBeast says:

Anyone who’s struggling with money literally just do the main missions (yellow) when they show up and they give you a really good amount of money easily I’ve got $500

Teash Drinks says:

I've been grinding for a few days just hunting and herb farming I have over 500$ and haven't bought anything big yet, I am gonna start finding those treasures dam I'm gonna get rich

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