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Ridiculously Easy Ways to Make Money From Home! You can literally do all of this from the comfort of your couch.


Susan D says:

did she say 15 or 50 for the toilet rolls??

Mon Richud says:

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starlite556 says:

This  is  so  stupid.

Cierra Duffel says:

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MCA Misty says:

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Popcorn - says:

This way too expensive no one would buy it.

LKR says:

This is so stupid ha

Whatever goes says:

compllete BS

Roxanne Galvan says:

what are the web links where you can sell things that you spoke of?

Rene' Michelle Floyd says:

This show is very UNHELPFUL because there are NO LINKS to where you can sell this stuff!!!!

lpslover 94 says:

Yeah no crafter is gonna buy a bag of crayons for $20 when you can get a box of 24 anywhere from a $1-2 that’s about 20 boxes or 10 new boxes of fresh crayons

Farideh Ramezani says:

I can't believe this lady buying those garbegs this much expensive.

Kathie Britt says:

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Nicnine Murphy says:

Supply and demand who wants the demand of toilet paper rolls is the question

Leah Orson says:

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Slimey Rocket says:

Who in the right mind would buy a box of broken crayons for 20$ when they can get 24 pack for 1$

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